Ion Aramendi: the origin of the first names of his three children with María Amores

Ion Aramendi there Mary loves They have just extended the family. The arrival of Marieta, the third daughter of the marriageto their lives, was produced after a very complicated childbirth, full of difficulties, which ended with a caesarean section and with the mother in intensive care. Fortunately, the birth ended well, and the youngest joined the two children that the host and the journalist already had, Ion and Lucas be part of “the team”, as they are usually called on social networks. And recently, in a series of questions he posed to his subscribers, in which he also explained how many pounds did you gain during pregnancyAmores recounted the origin of the first names of the three little ones in the family.

This is María Amores, the fundamental pillar of Ion Aramendi's life

This is María Amores, the fundamental pillar of Ion Aramendi’s life

Maria and Ion were clear from the moment they met that they wanted to be parents. Although, as Amores acknowledged a few months ago, her third pregnancy was a ‘complete and utter surprise’ since Marieta “wasn’t wanted at all”. An experiment, that of her maternity at 44which she has already defined on occasion as a real “elixir of youth”: knowing that she would be “old” with children from the house was an idea that filled the journalist with hope.

The truth is that since they arrived in the Ion and Lucas family, the presenter considers them “the most important” and what he fights for in life. María has said many times that together with her husband they are the great engine of her daily life. “You carry on for them no matter what,” he acknowledged a few weeks ago on his Instagram Stories when chatting with his followers. He explained to them where do the names of the three little ones come from.

How did Ion Aramendi and María Amores decide on the names of their children?

The name of the eldest in the family, Ion, born in 2013It doesn’t have much of a mystery. The boy shares his name with his father (Although it is not a tradition as it happens in other families, the presenter’s father and the child’s grandfather is called Santiago). They both loved the idea and, moreover, as María recounted, when they arrived in Madrid, they were very grateful that was a Basque name that we didn’t hear too muchthey were used to hearing ‘Ion’ and ‘aita’ (‘father’, in Basque) when they lived in Donosti.

María Amores explains why her three children are called that

María Amores explains why her three children are called thatINSTAGRAM

A different case was the arrival of the couple’s second child. In 2017 Lucas was born, who has already served five years and now Marieta has snatched the title of youngest in the family. And the choice of his name was not, as often happens, something of his parents. In this case it was his older brother who took the initiative. As María recounted, one day when Ion was coming home from school, Ion told his parents that he wanted his little brother to be named Lucas. She and the presenter liked the idea, although she admits that “never thought” in the said name.

The choice of Marietta, like Ion’s, also has to do with surnames, especially that of his mother. Both preferred that the name not be exactly the same to avoid the duplicities that already exist between the father and his firstborn, so they opted for Marieta instead of María, also save an affectionate name with which they called the journalist a child.

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