Girona: Taty Castellanos illuminates Girona

Girona beat Club Bolvar and won the Costa Brava tournament, which served as a presentation for its fans, although it was played in Palams thanks to the adaptation works of Montilivi.. Mchel Snchez’s men beat the Bolivians thanks to goals from Taty Castellanos, the third of the pre-season in their third game, and an own goal from Guitin after a comedic game. The team returns to play 24 hours later against Zaragoza to complete the preparation period.

The first part was clearly dominated by Girona, who monopolized the ball and almost locked the rival in their own field of play. The urea was a nuisance for the rival defenders and, in fact, a personal gesture on his part after a diagonal in which he left various rivals behind. The young footballer assisted Samu Saiz and Madrid saw only Miguel Gutirrez. The ex-Madrid player took a brutal left foot that forced Cordano to put his hand up and send the ball to the post. Taty Castellano, very attentive and in the right place, took advantage of the rebound to make it 1-0 with a header and his third goal in three games he has played since signing with the red and white team.

The inhabitants of Girona have had some additional arrivals to increase their income but the lack of success left the second half open, which benefited Bolvar, who contested the ball with Mchel’s men and pushed the Girona forwards slightly away from their box.

Despite that, Taty Castellanos and Samu Saiz started to mess up again and Terrats nearly made it 2-0, just a minute before Guitin scored the final 2-0 own goal.. Joel Roca made the cross from the right, a harmless pass or a close finisher which the centre-back failed to fend off with his head.

Despite the second objective, Club Bolvar, in which the former captain of Girona, lex Granell, evolvesinsisted and approached in relative danger to look to close the gap and enter the game, but a blackout in the lights of the Palams stadium ended in a hurry in the 75th minute.


GIRONA: Jean Charles; Monjonell, Juanpe, Terrats; Yan Couto, Yangel Herrera, lex Sala, Miguel Gutirrez; Samu Saiz, Urea and Taty Castellanos. Also playing: Joel Roca, Almansa, Biel Farrs and Pau Vctor.

BOLVAR CLUB: Cordano, Martins, Reyes, Guitin, Roberto Carlos, Justiniano, Granell, Bejarano, Villamil and Pato Rodríguez and Fran da Costa. Also played: Melgar, Svio, Sagredo and Miranda.

RBITRO: Moreno Aragn (family committee). TA: to Pato Rodriguez, Robert Carlos and Justinian. TR: nothing.

GOALS: 1-0 (20′) Taty Castellanos. 2-0 (51′) Guitin, own goal.

PUBLIC: 2,567 spectators in the municipality of Palams

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