Extraordinary draw of the National Lottery: Consult the results of Saturday August 6, 2022

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The first prize went to number 93448, the second to 69159 and the third to 02198. In this special drawing, there are 12 other prizes with a jackpot of 75,000 euros each per series.

Saturday, August 6, 2022 the Extraordinary Draw for the month of August
National Lottery which distributed a special first prize endowed with 1.5 million euros in each of the tenths bearing the number 93448. The number was sold in Cadiz, Las Palmas, Cordoba, Malaga and Pontevedra. From THE TRUTH you can view all the
results of raffles and lotteries which organizes both state lotteries and games and ONCE.

A second prize of 300,000 euros was also awarded to the series and 60,000 euros to the tenth with the
69159 as the winning number. This second prize played entirely in Las Palmas. In addition to a third prize of 150,000 euros for the series and 15,000 euros for a tenth with 02198 as the winning number. This third prize has played in Cordoba, Granada, Las Palmas and Toledo.

From this moment, you can check if you have been rewarded during the draw of the
National Lottery entering the number played in the following search engine. You can check the results and see the prices for your tenth:

Additionally, add the
reimbursements 5, 0 and 8 who are rewarded with the return that is equivalent to the 20 euros that the tenth costs. A figure that comes to 200 euros if you have the whole series.



First price

Second Prize

Third Prize








Extraordinary Draw Prizes

The National Lottery’s August extraordinary draw includes five double-digit withdrawals awarded at 30 euros per tenth (300 euros for the series), eleven three-digit withdrawals awarded at 75 euros for the tenth (750 euros for the series) and four extractions of four digits which are awarded with 375 euros to the tenth (3,750 euros to the series).

As for the outcomes that coincide with the first prize, they are also rewarded: the last three digits that coincide with the first prize are rewarded with
750 euros per series; the last two with 300 euros; and the last digit with 150 euros.

Moreover, there is also money to be made from approximations. Exactly, you can pocket
21,000 euros for the series and 2,100 euros for the tenth with the number before or after the first prize. As the second prize approaches, you win 12,000 euros for the series and 1,200 euros for the tenth. And with the number before or after the third prize, you get 6,225 euros for the series and 622.50 euros for the tenth.

The system is very similar to
Christmas lottery since there are five digits that determine the final winning number, although the December 22 draw has higher prizes and is held once a year. In this raffle conducted by the State Lotteries and Betting Society, the Treasury participates in the prize. Lots over 40,000 euros must be declared to the Tax Agency. Any winner of a prize that exceeds this barrier will be charged 20%. While the amount will be paid in full at the lower prices.


How to get the price?

After checking with THE TRUTH that our tenth has been awarded, you can collect the money the next day. If it is a price lower than
2,000 euros It can be collected at any lottery outlet. However, if the amount is higher, it can only be claimed from one of the financial entities authorized by the

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As for collecting, keep in mind that there is a deadline to get the money. It can be claimed from the next day until three months have elapsed. This applies to all draws offered by state lotteries and bets such as Primitiva, National Lottery or Euromillions.


Note: LA TRUTH is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur since the official list of today’s National Lottery results offered by the state-owned Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is the only valid one.

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