Elon Musk reveals 3 key points for Tesla: he wants to manufacture 2 million vehicles by the end of 2022

Elon Musk visualizes Tesla's expansion plans for the future

Elon Musk visualizes Tesla’s expansion plans for the future

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Tesla is positioning itself in the automotive market as the largest producer, distributor and seller of electric vehicles in the world. Its wide margin of advantage over its competitors reveals the power of the company. However, they cannot relax in any way.

Elon Musk knows this perfectly well, given that in the past, it was hard to think that Tesla could have any competitionbut now that sustainability and electrification are pointing strongly to the years to come, more and more new models are emerging that are capturing the attention of consumers.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is one of them, and just as this car from the German brand appears, other companies also aspire to take a lot of ground in the electrified sector within a few years. For this reason, the South African knows that the company must and has the obligation to continue to grow in order not to lose the upper hand.

Precisely, despite the inflation problems affecting the United States, in addition to the inconveniences during the acquisition of the raw materials essential for electric cars, Tesla plans to manufacture 2 million vehicles by the end of this year.

Musk’s ambitious plans only point the finger. According to the Automotive News media, the annual production that Tesla visualizes is 20 million cars, and for this it would need between 10 and 12 gigausines which produce 1.5 to 2 million cars..

It is curious to know these Tesla plans for the near future where there is talk of expanding factories, while headquarters in Texas and Berlin are going through economic difficulties. However, it is clear that this phenomenon is due to inflation and commodity problems, so once these are overcome, everything should return to normal.

3 fundamental pillars for Tesla

At the annual shareholder meeting, Musk brought up the production aspect. “If all goes according to plan, we will come out of 2022 at an annual rate of 2 million.”

Beyond that, emphasis was also placed on 3 issues that serve as pillars of the organization: manufacturing, self-driving and CEO succession.

The manufacturing strategy is to include autonomous technology in all cars, which gives Musk pause. “Everyone will have electric vehicles and eventually all cars will be self-driving, but what will be hardest to replicate is Tesla’s manufacturing strategy,” says the company’s CEO.

Finally, the most striking aspect was the “CEO succession”. Elon Musk has assured that the company has a bright future, even without him at the helm. These comments refer to the possibility of losing the company after the request imposed by Twitter.

“Tesla would continue to operate very well even if hijacked by aliens. I intend to stay with Tesla for as long as I can be of use. The company has a very bright future even without me.”

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