Edinson Cavani rejected Boca Juniors’ offer: the reasons

The image of Cavani in La Bombonera: a postcard that will not be given for the moment
The image of Cavani in La Bombonera: a postcard that will not be given for the moment

Confirmation came from Europe and then bounced back to Argentina and Uruguay: Edinson Cavani declined the offer you made Boca Juniors. He was fabrice romanothe journalist guru of the transfer window of the Old Continent, the one who shared his information on Twitter. “After receiving the contracts in the last 48 hours, Cavani told Boca that he wanted to give priority to European clubs. He is not accepting the offer for family reasons.”he explained.

“The dream of Cavani and his family is to join the League and try a chapter in Spain”, close the columnist. Indeed, the 35-year-old striker has played in Italy (Palermo and Naples), France (PSG) and England (Manchester United, his last adventure), but has never played on the Iberian Peninsula. Villarreal It appeared as the main option, given that the coach (Unai Emery) also led him to the Parisian team. Although the negotiations were never closed, but now the possibility of Valence as a new member of the interested file.

Does that mean Cavani’s opportunity to play at Boca won’t happen again? Not necessarily. They have already flirted in two transfer deals, and the situation may repeat itself in a year, although the rejection will surely produce wounds between Riquelme and the company that must be seen if they can be sutured.

This new chapter between Cavani and Boca was strengthened on Friday: after a communication between vice-president Riquelme and the Charrúa shooter himself. There, the striker agreed to open negotiations, waiting for a concrete offer from La Ribera.

The Football Council’s intention was for Edinson to not only join until the start of the Qatar World Cup, which kicks off on November 21, but also for the former United striker to stay to play in the 2023 Copa Libertadores and the rest of the competitions with the blue and gold jersey. There, in principle, there was an agreement, but the middle of the benchmark Celeste demanded an exit clause in June of next year.

The offer had the calendar as an obstacle, since this Monday August 8 at 8:00 p.m. the transfer window in the country closed. But this Sunday came the rejection of the offer and Boca’s dream, at least, was put on hold.

Cavani himself was able to make statements on several occasions talking about his love for Boca and the reference that his compatriot Sergio Martínez was for him and his celebrations hanging on the fence with the auriazul jacket. The Manteca even served as a bridge to bring the pieces together.

I don’t know anything about the footballer. The only thing I know is that He is an excellent striker with a great international career. I can’t talk about someone who hasn’t arrived at the club yet. I can talk about all the footballers in my charge and I answer about them,” had said Hugo Ibarra of Boca after the victory against Platense for the Professional LeagueAppeal to moderation or with some information that the operation could fall?


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