Comedian Ángel Martín and his admission to a psychiatric hospital

It has always been said that behind the mask of an actor, the painted face of an august circus or, quite simply, which makes us laugh openly, there can be in his private life a story that is sad, dramatic or contrary to his profession. . Angel Martin, known for his televised monologues, is one of them. In 2017 was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where the first fortnight he was tied to a bed, between delusions that clouded his mind. Now he told it in an autobiographical book.

It happened in a season that Angel MartinPerhaps because of his success, he fell into the trap of using certain substances. There are those who are addicted to drugs, there comes a day when they don’t talk about it: idolized rockers or simple young misfits who believe they have reached paradise. And what they find is death at an early age.

Ángel enjoyed the popularity gained over the years with his appearances in comedy club, I know what you did In the air, Orbit Laika and others. Screenwriter, presenter, musician and altogether happy stand-up actor, this Barcelona born forty-four years ago was signed by the producers of Paramount Comedy. With Sources and Co. He also had a temporary collaboration. He announced the end of the year bells twice, in the company of Patricia Condé. In short, I was in a sweet moment. Until his girlfriend, actress Eva Fernández, realizes that Angel was going through a disconcerting time. He praised her on Facebook for a film she hadn’t worked on. And on another occasion, he filled the house they lived in with balloons everywhere. Without further ado, Eva took her companion to the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid, where he was immediately admitted to the psychiatric ward. The diagnosis is immediate: a psychotic break. In these long days, as they said tied to a bed, Angel Martin he experienced visions, bright colors that tormented his mind, a nearby Moon, as if he were immersed in an adventure inside a spaceship. And something more concrete: he “talked” to the dogs… and they responded, not with barks, but with human language. From what he thought.

Angel Martin | Cord clamp

This step served to Angel Martinonce out of such a harsh experience, he thought again, took stock of his life, which he now considered modified: “I listen more to others; Before I was crazy I was an idiot“. He confessed that he never knew when the chip jumped, nor will he ever know when this psychotic outbreak began. But he was saved. And he was actually able to talk about it, in a book that no psychiatrist suggested for him, but that was born from his own mind; In case the voices return, where he recounts all the episodes that occurred then. It was on bestseller lists for the past few months, as we saw in several newspapers.

Eva Fernández, his love, said to himself and continues to be aware of him. In addition to being an actress, she is a clothing and jewelry designer; bodybuilding specialist. Practice “pole dancing”, which is a complicated form of dancing on a pole. Ángel relies on her for several artistic projects for his production company, with which he has made several documentaries. He is very active with his film, theater and musical projects; usual in social networks, youtube, twitter, tiktok… Anyway, it does not stop. And he does not want to leave the monologues with which so many laughs started live or on the small screen.

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