Carolina Ferre returned to Telecinco (very alone) as a collaborator on ‘It’s already summer’

Caroline Ferre back this saturday Telecinco, which was his home for a long time many years ago. The presenter has joined the staff of collaborators of It’s summerthe program that has replaced for a few weeks Live life.

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” Welcome ! said the magazine’s presenter, Frank White, to give it the importance it deserves. “Thank you thank you! I couldn’t wait…!”, she replied, happy with this new job opportunity offered to her after her cancellation. catch Me If You Canthe competition that he has presented since 2021 on Valencian public television In Punt.

This last project ended badly since Ferré only liked the chain continued to air reruns of the show despite the entire crew being fired.

“If you find it funny repeating the program all summer when we’ve been home for a month and a half, unemployed, I don’t even find it half normal”, he wrote on Twitter a while ago. just a month.

She is so grateful to have been named collaborator of It’s summeron a set where he had already recorded many years ago: “16 years ago, I was on this set, where Family doctorpresenting a program called Plan Crecalled the commentator, who in It’s already summer will comment on the most popular videos on the internet in the section Lo + viral.

The presenter predicted a promising future for him because, as he said, “this show is going to be as successful as Family doctor… or more ! to which she responded with another joke: “Yes, I hope he will be more successful than Diet Claughed the new collaborator referring to this late at night which it presented in 2005 until it was canceled just three weeks after its premiere.

At the moment, Carolina Ferre is Telecinco’s new signing for this summer season, so she will have to frequently visit the Mediaset facilities where she arrived this Saturday in the midst of crushing loneliness.

The presenter shared with her followers several videos of her entrance to the headquarters of the communication giant, where no one came out to receive her, not even the reception staff: “Let’s see if they cheated on me during the day”, she wonders, surprised to see that the building is completely empty. “Hi? doIt’s summer?” she shouted for someone to hear.

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