Carlo Bonomi, master of the Pingu, has died

Generations and generations of Catalan boys and girls have grown up watching the children’s series of TV3in particular, those which have been issued through the channel of the Club Super 3. For many years there have been many productions that have delighted the little ones in the house, and not so little ones, who go into ecstasy in front of television in their first years of life, when they begin to pay attention to shapes, colors, situations … and voices of these series intended for the little ones. One that has generated legions of fans since it first aired featured a family of penguins who live in an igloo at the South Pole, made out of animated playdough. Its protagonist? The eldest son, Handcuffsand his great friend, the seal Robbie, father and mother or little sister, the Pinga, as well as many other supporting characters.

penguin and his friends

Undoubtedly, one of the main characteristics of the Pingu, which contributed to its international success, was the fact that the way of speaking of the penguin was very characteristic, an invented and very personal jargon, a house brand, an incomprehensible language, a separate languagelanguage penguin or penguin. A language made without any type of script, but with tons of talent and improvisation, by the same person.

Its author was an Italian voice actor, also a clown, who has lavished himself by making different voices of characters in children’s series. But none are as iconic as the Pingu. We are talking about Carlo Bonomi, who sadly passed away at the age of 85. Bonomi, born in Milan, has voiced many characters for the Italian commercial show Carousel.

A language that has delighted millions of children

The noise language he had developed and used for the program Line, the 70s and 80s, made him worthy of playing the beloved protagonist and animal of the acclaimed television series, a Swiss-German production, during its first four seasons produced between 1990 and 2000. A loss that has caused immense grief to many viewers who will not forget this way of talking about TV3’s most famous penguin. A show, by the way, to see Bonomi in action:

We will always have the drawings. Bonomi can be proud that with his unintelligible words he has made millions of children around the world happy and smiling. Rest in peace, however it is said in the Pingu language.

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