Canyon’s most colorful keyboard is 50% off

The bone mechanical gaming keyboards They are a real luxury in every way. Not only for the feel and sound generated by the keys, but also for all the color they bring with them. But yes, they tend to be unaffordable. That’s why finding this Canyon gaming keyboard at 50% off This is a bargain not to be missed.

Canyon has designed a keyboard suitable even for professionals, for those who spend their lives writing and playing video games. It will become an inseparable companion in the adventures, allowing you to get the most out of it in each of the games.

Not only that, but the Color it will bring to your desktop will be simply amazing. Don’t miss the chance to get it 50% offsince you will acquire quality at a very unique price.

The Canyon Gaming LED Keyboard You Need

The first thing you need to know about this device is that it is completed; that is to say, it has all the keys you could possibly need. Of course, you will find both a digital section and a multimedia section. This will make it a great alternative for those who spend all day writing and they need a high quality keyboard.

Additionally, it also includes a volume wheel which will make it easier for you to listen to music while you study, work, or even play video games. really, andis intended to be used video game and it is something that shows in the details. Everything is taken care of so that the continued use of this device will never cause you harm. A proof of this is wrist rest Who integrates.

teclado gaming canyon led

Regarding the switches, these are Canyon’s classic RED switches. They are versatile and will allow you to enjoy a only. As if that were not enough, we must also add that the keys are from double injection and have an anti-ghosting feature. It is precisely these elements that will end up making the difference, especially in daily use.

It is designed to last for many years. So much so that it guarantees to withstand up to 60 million blows for each key. And that’s a lot of use!

Enjoy the best backlight on the market

It works through a cable braided, heavy duty and long enough for you to move comfortably across your desk.

Although the indicate strong of this keyboard is the backlight what he brings with him. not only have 11 patterns configured backlight settings, but also incorporates software that will allow you to customize everything. Likewise, it allows you to create macro functions so that use is as individual as possible. Your keyboard will be yours alone, and you will be the one who can configure all the details.

Normally to get this keyboard you should pay around €79.99. However, thanks to the offers that El Corte Inglés currently has on its website, you can buy it for only €39.99. Few devices of this quality are available at this price, so look no further!

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