Blaugrana Villar guides Spain to gold

07/08/2022 at 22:56


The Barça player scored 20 points in a match where Spain were superior

The Turkish team didn’t get the revenge of the Greece 2019 final

The Spanish under-18 basketball team, led by Rafael Villar and Izan Almansa, was proclaimed European champions on Sunday after beating hosts Turkey in Izmir (61-68) in the final. to corroborate the total domain of its lower categories in the various tournaments that have been played this summer.


European Under 18s





(14+17+8+22): Berke Buyuktuncel (8), Arda Sivas (2), Karahan Efeoglu (3), Tan Yildizoglu (2), Samet Yigitoglu (5) -cinco inicial- Ozgur Cengiz (12), Eren Deniz (0), Hamza Mestoglu (9), Eray Buyukcangaz (10), Bugra Cal (0), Efe Demirel (0), Karem Konan (10).


(22+14+15+17): Rafael Villar (20), Jordi Rodríguez (6), Ab Sediq Garuba (7), Izan Almansa (14), Eddy Pinedo (6) -starting five- Nikolas Cebrián (8) , Alejandro Moreno (3), Martín Iglesias (2), Luis García (2), David Gómez (0), José Tachyn (0), Victory Onuetu (0).


Thomas Bissuel (France), Michal Proc (Poland) and Martin Vulic (Croatia). Without eliminated.


final of the European Under-18 Basketball Championship played at the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Karçiyak Spor Salonu pavilion in Izmir (Turkey) in front of nearly 6,000 spectators.

If two weeks ago the Spanish U-20 team won the European Championship against Israel, this Sunday it was the turn of the U-18 team, which achieved a perfect championship with many victories from the group stage to the final.

Turkey could not get revenge against Spain, who had already beaten the Ottoman team in the previous final played in Greece in 2019. Since then, due to the coronavirus, the tournament that, precisely, Turkey hosted and in which the two teams met again in the title game has been postponed.

Before, in the group stage, they also had another precedent which also ended in victory for Spain. The team led by Daniel Miret became Turkey’s ‘beast peeve’, entrusted to the nearly six thousand fans who traveled to the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Karçiyak Spor Salonu pavilion in Izmir to watch the duel live.

Not even the atmosphere with Spain, which has always been superior. He was never behind the scoreboard, winning every quarter but the second and finishing the clash with overwhelming superiority with which he was proclaimed the righteous champion.

If throughout the European the proper name of Spain was Izan Almansa, fifth top scorer of the tournament before the final, for the match against Turkey another player stood out from the others: Rafael Villar.

The Barcelona man had a great game, especially in the first quarter, in which Spain escaped the scoreboard at the pace of Villar. At the end of the meeting, signed 20 points, and he was the clash’s top scorer courtesy of Izan Almansa, Spain’s best throughout the tournament and finishing the final with 14 points.

Despite Spain’s superiority, Turkey finally managed, spurred on by their supporters, to close on five points with just over three minutes remaining. However, Izan Almansa enlarged his figure and supported his teammates with some rebounds and four fundamental points that avoided greater evils.

But the main role could not be reserved for the Real Madrid player. Just in case, after another rush from Turkey, Villar appeared to score a stratospheric three-pointer that ended any attempt at reaction. For him and for Izan Almansa, they were all hotbeds of a deserved title for a team that abused all their rivals throughout the European Championship.

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