Amazon bought iRobot, the creator of the Roomba: why

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Amazon and the developer of Roomba, iRobot, have finalized a merger agreement for which Amazon is to buy the consumer robot maker. the real reason of the acquisition is unclear, but it is likely that Amazon is trying develop robots more autonomous for your warehousess.

iRobot, the company renowned for its innovations Roomba, will join to fiefdoms Amazon company. Amazon announced on Friday this iRobot acquisition in a merger valued at $61 per share, what this means an all-cash transaction of nearly $1.7 billion. Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices, Dave Lim, said in A press release:

We know that saving time is important and that household chores They wear valuable time that can be put to better use something customers love. For many years, the iRobot team has proven its ability to reinvent the way people clean. with incredibly practical and ingenious products, cleaning when and where customers want itn avoid common obstacles in the house, even the drain automatically the collection container. Customers love iRobot products and I’m excited to work with the iRobot team to invent ways to make customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

The ad is oddly sparse in details, but the complete acquisition of iRobot by Amazon and the soft mentions wing automation and obstacle avoidance aim probablyn Amazon’s interest in acquiring iRobot’s technology, not its products, to bolster its fleet of warehouse robots Amazon. when Gizmodo asked Amazon about its intention to acquire the company by e-mail, redirected us to the statement of Box. After a Amazon Spokesperson Explain over the phone that the merger would involve the Union of i robot in the Limp Devices and Services department.

Earlier this summer, Amazon announced Proteusa robot to serve in the company’s warehouses that has an eerily similar shape wing Roomba and is able to avoid obstacles. Amazon’s fleet of warehouse robots He understands to the characters like “Ernie”, a robot capable of retrieving items from shelves, and “Bert”, one of the company’s first attempts at smart navigation technology.

A pesar de esto, Amazon mantuvo en un correo electrónico enviado a Gizmodo que “no tiene planes de usar la tecnología de iRobot en sus almacenes como parte de esta fusión”.

La transición de Amazon hacia trabajadores de almacén autónomos (y sin emociones) llega en un momento interesante, ya que la empresa ve un impulso más fuerte towards unionization and better working conditions in the warehouse. Last first dayAmazon warehouse workers circulated a petition to bring public attention to the oppressive conditions in Amazon warehouses.

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