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Renowned film, theater and television actor Diego Bertie Brignardello He died aged 54 after falling from his building in Miraflores. Throughout his life he performed works in the theater of Federico García Lorca, Bertolt Brecht, William Shakespeare, in cinema with Francisco Lombardi and Augusto Tamayo, in addition to being the pampered actor of the soap opera in Latin America, putting featuring novels written by Délia Fiallo. .

2022 is the year actor Diego Bertie sought to connect with the children of his followers who raised him in Peru in the turbulent decade of the 1990s, when the madness of the terrorist group Shining Path and the economic crisis took their toll. turned Lima into a cultural desert.

This fact did not prevent various groups of actors, of which Diego Bertie was one of the main promoters, from performing plays in the midst of a devastated country and adding color and culture to Lime. .

In order to connect with the children of his followers, Diego Bertie opened an Instagram account, @diegobertieb, where he returned to his first love, music, and rediscovered the songs he made with his band ‘Imágenes’ : ‘How hard it is to love’ ‘, ‘The good times’, ‘New faces’, among others.

Always on the same social network, he reinterpreted songs by Charly García, Mercedes Sosa and Chabuca Granda. In the channel he opened with his old and new followers, he showed his pets and his relationship with his daughter Aisa and the son with Down syndrome he also adopted as his own from his ex-wife, the psychologist Viviana Mongo.

In 2022, Bertie begins a series of concerts in Lima which become an immediate success and which he plans to resume in mid-August; while the shooting of the film on the Franco-Peruvian feminist, granddaughter of the painter Paul Gauguin, ended; Flora Tristan; directed by Augusto Tamayo Vargas.

In an interview with ABC, Bertie spoke enthusiastically about reuniting with his followers, the music and the Diego Bertie label in the Peruvian theater of the violent 90s in Lima. The Peruvian artist has starred in various works such as “Life is a Dream”; ‘Total Eclipse’, ‘Oedipus the King’, ‘King Lear’, ‘Faust’, ‘The 3 Cent Opera’, ‘Blood Wedding’, ‘So 5 Years Go By’, ‘Yepeto’, ‘A Don Juan in hell ‘, ‘La cage des fous’, among others.

He was the main actor in soap operas written by the writer Delia Fiallo: he starred in ‘Leonela’ with Mariana Levy, ‘Natacha’ with Maricarmen Regueiro, ‘Midnight Lovers’ with Rudy Rodríguez, among twenty soap operas.

In the movies

Actor has starred in more than 30 films, including ‘Under the Skin’, ‘Death Report’, ‘The Elusive Good’, ‘The Heist’, ‘Something Smells Bad’ which he recorded in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. In 1994, he won the prize for best leading actor at the Havana Film Festival with ‘Sin compassion’ in which he played alongside Peruvian actress Adriana Dávila.

For Bertie, “intensity is my trademark. Playing is an act of love. It’s playing at being something.”

“There is a phrase from ‘Bodas de sangre’ (by Federico García Lorca) that is very specific: when things come to the center, there is no one to snatch them, when things are, they are. Have a wonderful year,” Bertie told ABC last December.

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