A storm truncates the dream of the three novilleros to succeed at home

The dream of lights of the three bullfighters of the bullfighting school of Huesca beginners this Sunday on their place suffered the rude awakening intense summer storms, with their history of heat and wind and their consequences of rapid puddles and mudslides. The celebration was suspended after the fall of the second eralfought by Jorge Mallén, and without Ignacio Boné being able to face the first of his rivals. Porta Miravé had opened a place to the gloomy omens of the downpour announced first in gusts of wind and incipient rain during his work.

Much of the ring is flooded and impassablePresident opted to suspend the celebration precisely when the rain had stopped. The decision (which was reported as agreed with the cast, the company, and Peña Taurina) was communicated through a clearly improvable PA service and responded with protests from some fans and received with general disappointment.

What is certain is that the resolution was passed without waiting to see if the arena would partially dry up or if the water could be soaked in more whiteness -sand that precisely does not remain in the bullring of Huesca- until it is minimally suitable for combat.

Back at the gang court, the president of the Peña Taurina Oscense, Pablo Ciprés, warned that it was understood that this possibility (wait a bit and work on improving the albero) it could not take place within a reasonable time to resume the celebration at a reasonable hour. So everyone at home; or almost, because part of the noisy public at this Sunday’s party did not give up the snack and sent it to the stands after the abbreviated bullfight.

What should have taken care of us, bullfighting, few comments given the conditions in which Porta Miravé and Jorge Mallén had to carry out their work. they had before two eras by Eliseo Morán, of good build but docile, especially a first steer that has aged and lost its hands several times without this poor condition being attributed to the condition of the floor; a circumstance that the second res suffered.

Porta Miravé received the one that opened a place for verónicas and with the crutch he structured a task for the two pythons against a rival who repeated but closed in on him. The wind made the execution difficult and made the task of the bullfighter ugly who at times felt the weight of responsibility and to top it off, had to finish his job in the middle of the rain and with the public in disarray towards the covered stands. He suffered with steel and stings. The audience, already revamped, rewarded him with applause to which he responded with greetings.

In Jorge Mallén noticed that it was not his first afternoon of lights and in the midst of a merciless downpour he tasted veronica (I had actually set up a deletion by chicuelinas at first). With the crutch well positioned, he did his best to maintain his balance and that of a steer that passed to the last third without being banderilleado because it was impossible to close the batch depending on the ground. He also got tangled up in steel and was surprised no one warned him that the final fight could have taken place in less bad conditions on courts 2-4. His firm decision was rewarded with an ear.

So disappointing afternoon for bullfighters that they will have to wait for a better opportunity, perhaps more bullfighting in the background, to present themselves in front of some neighbors who populated just under half a square, with an abundant youthful presence.


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