8 months later, it’s still the best-selling tablet, and it only costs 186 euros

Samsung has managed to win over the vast majority of fans looking for a cheap and durable tablet.

8 months later, it's still the best-selling tablet, and it only costs 186 euros

If you are looking for a tablet and your budget is limited, I present to you bestselling tablet on amazon from last month, a Samsung model that managed to seduce the public with a cheap and durable product. It is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 from the end of 2021 which costs today 222 186 euros nothing else in your model dark gray color.

This is the most basic and cheapest version of all, because if you are looking for something with more memory and versatilityI recommend you buy the top modelcon 128 GB of storage and 4G connectivity to use your mobile operator’s data with a SIM card and use it without relying on a WiFi connection away from home of questionable security.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (WiFi and 32 GB)Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (4G and 128 GB)

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Samsung’s best-selling tablet above Xiaomi’s beast

The Galaxy Tab A8 is a cheap tablet, so the predominant material is plastic. However, this is not a negative thing, since we have a tablet of large dimensions and a fairly successful lightness (only 508 grams weight). In addition, its thickness is the thinnest we have ever seen, only 6.9mm.

Galaxy Tab A8 2021

This Samsung tablet has great battery life and a crazy price

This tablet mounts a 10.5 inch panelresolution Full-HD (1920 x 1200 px), we don’t have a notch (thank goodness) and the screen it’s IPS type. Integrated 4 speakers high volume and quality compatible with Dolby Atmos. The screen occupies 81% of the front of the entire device, which is very welcome in everyday life.

The Galaxy Tab A8’s bezels are slim and the screen is fabulous for such a low price.

The heart of this tablet is the Unison Tiger T618, a 12nm octa-core that runs at a speed of 2GHz and is accompanied by the high-performance ARM Mali-G52 graphics chip. Additionally, we can choose versions of 3 or 4 GB of RAM and by the internal memories of 32, 64 or 128 GBwith space for micro SD cards. This hardware can score over 220,000 points in the Antutu benchmark, and in a tablet of this price, that’s amazing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (WiFi and 32 GB)

The battery of this Galaxy Tab A8 adds 7,040mAh, has fast charging at 15W and this can give us an autonomy of several days in the usual use of a tablet. It’s a tablet to watch your favorite series in bed without disturbing anyone because, despite the connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connect some headband bluetooth headsetwe can also use your 3.5mm headphone jack port cable con.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (4G and 128 GB)

In short, I recommend this Galaxy Tab A8 in its high-end model, because in a tablet you will store a large number of filesperhaps films that take up a lot of space, and if you are going to use it outside the house a lot, it will be convenient for you to opt for the versions with 4G, because it gives you greater versatility in your day to day. It’s perfect for taking notes, creating presentations and making video calls, it could be your next gift for a high school or college student in need of such a device.

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