5 home security cameras you can buy

Have home security cameras it is becoming more and more frequent. If you are thinking of buying one to have more control over everything that happens around you, we leave you here 5 recommendations which are getting great reviews.

These smart devices serve not only to warn us that a thief tried to break in in our house, but they are also very useful for control daily activities and much less dangerous.

In fact, the first thing to do when buying a surveillance camera is to be clear about its function. In other words, if you want it for monitor indoor or outdoor spaces from home, to take a look at your pets when you are out or even to make a track your baby.

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Surely you have already considered having one, but you rejected the idea thinking that it would be very expensive from all points of view. Well, besides there being a fairly wide price rangesecurity cameras are easy to install and very comfortable to use.

Tips for Choosing a Security Camera

Before we start with our surveillance camera recommendations, we want to give you some tips so you can choose the perfect camera for your home. Whatever your choice, You need to consider these characteristics.:

  1. video resolution: The quality of the recordings will depend on this factor. There are quite a few models with 4K and 2K, but to really visualize what is happening in your home, a 1080p resolution is more than enough. It would even do with 720p, the equivalent of HD.
  2. viewing angle: To have a wide perspective of the panorama, the ideal is that the security camera covers the largest possible area. However, if you only want it to monitor your baby’s crib, this factor is not as important.
  3. two-way audio: In addition to being able to listen to what is happening in any room of your house, some cameras also allow you to interact with them. Very useful if you want to send a message to your dog, cat or reassure your baby’s crying.
  4. Night vision: a characteristic to take into account, since it will allow us to see quite clearly what happens when the light is scarce or does not exist at all. If one of your biggest concerns is at night, you have them too with color night vision.
  5. motion alerts: This function makes it possible to distinguish a dog from a person for example. It is very interesting not to be alarmed if the alarm goes off and it is just our pet.
  6. recording storage: Files can be saved locally, in the cloud or both. In case you choose the cloud option, many security cameras directly offer a monthly payment rate.
  7. Scalability: You probably only need one independent camera, but if your idea is to mount several cameras to obtain a complete surveillance service, you must take into account that it is expandable.
  8. Feed: by cable or battery, although there are also solar options for outdoor use. The former require us to have an outlet nearby, while with the latter we can carry out the installation anywhere.

TP-Link TAPO C100

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The TP-Link TAPO C100 is one of the best value for money. A model that saves images to high definition, 1080pand this allows us to receive notifications when motion is detected strangers.

Besides having a excellent night visionthis camera too trigger light and sound effects in order to scare away all those undesirables who approach the house.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most interesting factors is the two-way audio. In this case it has it, which allows communication via the built-in microphone and speaker, and it is also compatible with Alexa.

As for internal storage, with a microSD you can record up to 128 GB a maximum of 16 days. You have the possibility of subscribing to Tapo Care to store recordings in the cloud, which has a 30-day free trial.

With a perfect size and weightThis camera is very easy to operate and becomes an ideal choice for indoor, especially for baby and pet monitoring. In addition, the power cable has a length of three meters, which facilitates its installation in any hard-to-reach place.

Knowing that both options are fixed security cameras, you can purchase the one from 2 MP for €24.99 and the highest resolution 3MPfor a slightly higher price: €37.64.

To buy: TP-Link TAPO C100 (Amazon)

This is how the new TP-Link Tapo security cameras are: 2K, with motion detection and AI

Xiaomi MI 360° 2K Home Security Camera

Image - 5 Home Security Cameras You Can Buy

The Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360° 2K, one of the security cameras, could not be missing from this list best value for money at the moment. As the name suggests, it has 2K quality, which translates to a 2304 x 1296 pixel video resolution.

He has human detection technology, so it filters perfectly when someone is on your property or it’s a harmless animal passing by, like your pet. For added security, it also has color night vision.

The double motor head allows a 360º camera rotation, so you will get a panoramic view of the room where it is placed. In addition, Xiaomi makes it easy for you to configure and control thanks to the MI Home mobile appwho has an assistant.

It has a weight of 350 grams and its power supply is via electric cable. As for storage in the cloud, the protection is total thanks to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and a encrypted data transmission.

The Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360º 2K is priced at 45€ on Amazon. You’ll also find the Pro version at a higher price, and the 1080p version.

To buy: Xiaomi MI 360º 2K Home Security Camera (Amazon)

Wansview Wi-Fi IP Camera

Image - 5 Home Security Cameras You Can Buy

The Wansview IP WiFi security camera offers a 1080p video quality, which results in high definition images. Its powerful lenses, which rotate 350º horizontally and 90º vertically, allow get a 360º view.

Thanks to four infrared lights built-in cameras, this camera is able to automatically switch from color vision to black and white vision. Moreover, he wears integrated night vision and the results are more than acceptable.

Another of its great advantages is the Two-way audio and Alexa compatibility. For example, you can ask this virtual assistant to focus on the door, the baby’s crib, or anywhere the camera can reach.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of this camera is that it does not record constantly, it only activates when it detects movement. Videos can be stored locally on the microSD or cloudguaranteeing total privacy.

One thing to keep in mind is that does not support 5G Wi-Fi connectionso it will need to be connected to a 2.4 GHz network Solved this, comfort reaches its maximum exponent to power control it remotely from the smartphone and receive notifications.

This is one of the best deals in Amazon in terms of security cameras, with a current price of €31.99.

To buy: Wansview Wi-Fi IP Camera (Amazon)

Blink from the outside

Image - 5 Home Security Cameras You Can Buy

If you are looking for a scalable surveillance camera system, you should seriously consider getting a Blink Outdoor. It is a very resolute model who likes HD quality.

Unlike many other surveillance cameras, this one does not require the use of any cables, since works with batteries or solar panel. Being the second slightly more expensive option, we have to say that one of its greatest features is that it has a autonomy up to two years.

When motion is detected in your home, Blink Outdoor will automatically send a motion detection notification on your phone portable. Moreover, it allows you to customize motion zones within the app itself.

The Blink Home Monitor app also offers video streaming, two-way audio and Alexa compatibility. This allows you to follow live and live what is happening in your home, as well as being able to communicate with people or pets whenever you want.

It is very easy to save and share your video recordings, since you have two options of storage: local, via synchronization module 2 and a USB key sold separately; on the cloudwith a 30-day free trial period.

it is designed for outdoors. In fact, if you intend to install it on a interior spaceit is better to get another cheaper version: Interior flashingalso wireless without being waterproof, priced at €79.99.

This is another one of Amazon’s great deals, since you can buy 1 camera at €99.99, 2 cameras at €179.99, 3 cameras at €249.99 and 4 cameras at €309.99. Additionally, additional cameras can be purchased at a discounted price of €89.99 each.

To buy: BlinkOutdoor (Amazon)


Image - 5 Home Security Cameras You Can Buy

At first glance, the Lollipop security camera looks like a rattle. And that is precisely the intention of its design: to simulate a child’s toy because it is intended for baby monitoring.

He has a Full HD, 1080p video resolution, so the images of the little one in the house will be seen with complete clarity. The power supply is by cable, it requires a WiFi connection and the night vision.

It offers functions as interesting as the detection of crying, noises and even attempts to get out of the crib. In addition, it contains a soft and flexible silicone shell, ideal for resisting all kinds of stings and without any toxic component which is harmful to the baby’s health.

You can choose between three different colors: color turquoise, pistachio or cotton candy. And don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance, because it’s the most expensive option on this list: 186 €.

To buy: Pacifier (Amazon)

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is more and more common to have home security cameras. You have recommendations here for indoors, outdoors and even baby or pet watching, which one best suits your needs?

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