48 paid applications and games on Android for free [semana 31 2022]

This list of offers in paid apps and games that go free on Android It will save us a lot of money if we hurry to download them from the Google Play Store. The games and applications are very varied and will be available for free for a limited time.

Weekly offers from the Android Play Store always leave us with pleasant surprises, sometimes we even locate one imprescindible apps for android which we then began to use almost daily.

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Being in the official store, the security is high and their installation is very simpleso just take a look to find something that looks appealing to us:

Free paid apps on Android

The selection of paid apps that can be downloaded for free this week is vast, including various tools, language courses or geolocation applications. Here are the offers:

  1. Text To Speech – Offline TTS.
  2. Pro GPS speed display.
  3. Cartogram – Live Map Wallpaper.
  4. Cell Network and WiFi Information.
  5. Binary Calculator Pro.
  6. Bass Booster Pro.
  7. Memorize: learn Japanese words.
  8. Memorize: learn SAT vocabulary.
  9. Riaz More.

Also, there are a number of apps with free icon packs for Android available:

  1. Lanting Icon Pack: Colorful.
  2. Hexa 3D – Icon Pack.
  3. LineBula Earth – Icon Pack.
  4. Shapy Responsive Icon Pack.
  5. Nambula Blue – Lines Icon Pack.
  6. Lineblack – Blue Icon Pack.
  7. 3D Circle – Icon Pack.
  8. 3D Octagon – Icon Pack.

Free paid games on Android

We also have many paid games on sale this week in the Google Play Store. Some are typical free online games available on various websites, but others reach a very considerable visual and playable level.

This is all we can get for free:

  1. Data Defense.
  2. 2048 – Puzzle Game.
  3. Sudoku Pro.
  4. Manor.
  5. Fusion number puzzle.
  6. Premium Castle Defender.
  7. Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD.
  8. WindWings: space shooter, galactic attack.
  9. Cooking Quest VIP: Food Wagon Adventure.
  10. Premium Stickman Master.
  11. The king of VIP weapons.
  12. Crazy Car impossible stunts.
  13. Extreme Mini Fun Car Racing 3D.
  14. cartoon legend.
  15. Building Simulator PRO.
  16. Junior Premium Superheroes.
  17. Bottle target shooting master.
  18. 3d modern american sniper.
  19. Defense Zone 2 HD.
  20. Stone of Souls HD.
  21. Water Sorting Puzzle – Premium.
  22. commando sniper.
  23. Moto Bike Racer Pro Fighter 3D.
  24. Dungeon Shooter: Dark Temple.
  25. Space Shooter: Galactic Attack.
  26. Grow Zombie VIP – Merge Zombies.
  27. block puzzle.
  28. 3D Rae Body Cup.
  29. New princess dress up game.
  30. +9 Cash Knight Blessing.
  31. 10×10 GB Dice.

Every week the free apps and games change, so it’s important to review those that have stopped getting paid for a few days if we want to take advantage of the opportunities.

This summary of Paid games and apps now free on Android It leaves us offers for almost all users. We must not waste time, because the promotions have a limited duration and are different in each case.

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