We know where the Infanta Cristina de Urdangarin is hiding: in the house of a former friend of Letizia

Those of us who rubbed our hands thinking of him
first summer single of
baby Christina we saw our hopes disappointed: impossible to place the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos before so many express trips, on vacation
avoid awkward encounters with Iñaki Urdangarin or Queen Letizia. Where have we already placed it in a relaxed plan? According to witnesses of his walks in the best market in Cadiz, in
sotogrande. The most impregnable jet set territory in southern Spain.

Impossible to know about diners and cinemas, parties and beaches, if the setting is the luxurious urbanization of Sotogrande, in San Roque. You feel so impregnable there that Luis Medina moored the yacht he bought with the commission from his mask business in his port. What happens in Sotogrande stays in Sotogrande: there
nothing leaks. We will never know if the Infanta Cristina exchanged conversations, laughs or confidences with her band of old or new friends. Our joy to know her in happy celibacy in a well.

We know, however, which destinations led the Infanta Cristina to Sotogrande and where she left her hat: in the imposing house of
Silvia Villar Mir, one of her closest friends. The marriage formed by Silvia and Javier López Madrid has a modern house overlooking one of the golf courses for which the Infanta fell for this summer. But who is it
great and discreet friend of the former Duchess of Palma? The coincidences between the biographies of the two friends are surprising.

Why are the Infanta Cristina and Silvia Villar-Mir friends?

In fact, the friendship between the Borbón family and the Villar-Mir family goes back decades, since Juan Miguel Villar-Mir, legendary businessman at the head of the construction company OHL, is
personal friend of King Juan Carlos. So much so that in 2011 he received the title of marquis. We are therefore in front of one of the few families with access to the restricted circle of the royal family and not by chance, it is a clan closely linked to the business boom of the 70s and 80s in Spain.

The relationship between the Villar-Mir family and the royal family became even closer thanks to King Felipe’s friendship with
Javier Lopez Madrid, co-worker at Los Rosales school and, later, fixed and intimate in his gang. They say that then-Prince Felipe took advantage of the privacy of the López Madrid family residences to
see without witnesses with Isabel Sartorius, Gigi Howard and Eva Sannum.

Logically, after the marriage of King Felipe with Letizia Ortiz, the queen joined this
inner circle quite naturally. By then Javier López Madrid had already married
Silvia Villar Mirthe youngest (and favorite) daughter of the construction magnate.

The couple married in 1990 in front of the cream of Spain’s business caste. The
the wedding was in Sotogrande, in the church of Nuestra Señora de la Merced, in the Paniagua farmhouse, and one of the witnesses of the wedding was Emilio Botín. Guests included Alfonso de Hohenlohe, José Manuel Torrontegui and Bruno Entrecanales.

From minute zero, the foursomes (Letizia and Felipe with Silvia and Javier) have been nonstop, like that trip to the Bahamas that happened when it was learned that the kings had had their suitcases searched at customs. . Silvia Villar-Mir (Madrid, 1966) has many
in common with Queen Letizia: yoga, healthy food, desire for total discretion. They were very good friends, although the corruption cases that have affected López Madrid in recent years have given the impression of a distance.

What unites the Infanta Cristina and Silvia Villar-Mir

At the height of the storm of scandals that affected the marriage, financial corruption cases but also a controversial issue of harassment, Silvia and Javier decided
exile in London for a while, until the storm subsides. They have recently resumed normal life in Madrid, albeit rooted in Puerta de Hierro or Sotogrande and with no apparent connection to the royal family.

Those who constantly express their close friendship with Silvia Villar-Mir and her companion are
princesses Elena and Cristina, seen at the funeral of Javier López Madrid’s brother, Germán, in October 2019, at the Jerónimos Church in Madrid. Now Cristina’s visit to Silvia Villar-Mir’s house in Sotogrande confirms that the friendship is still more than alive, despite all the scandals.

It is logical that Silvia and Cristina particularly connect and that they do not hide their good relationship. They have in common an undeniable love of sport (Silvia is an accomplished golfer and paddle tennis player) and an attitude of
unwavering support for their partners, as we saw in the Nóos affair which led Iñaki Urdangarin to prison. Just like Cristina then, Silvia supported her husband without hesitation and testified in his favor when she was called before the judge.

Both are, in addition, women endowed with formidable training and highly recognized in their respective professions. Silvia Villar-Mir holds a degree in economics and business administration “summa cum laude” from the American College of London and was vice-president and owner of OHL until a year ago.

Silvia’s obsession with anonymity it’s complete. He did not allow himself to be photographed even at the wedding of the eldest of his four children, Silvia, with Pablo Valdenegro, son of a famous rejoneador. It was in 2018, at his grandfather’s Puerta de Hierro estate. Closed to linden and singing.

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