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The design of Onebot S2 Electric Bike you may like it more or less, but no one can deny that it is, above all, extremely compact. Its ability to bend both the pedals and the stem and its 17.6 kilograms of weight allow it to be easily transported in a trunk or to travel with it on public transport, which makes it an ideal everyday urban vehicle. In addition, for those who see the meaning of this project, they can obtain a unit by becoming their investors at through the Indiegogo platform for only 487 euros to change.

Move around the city with a electric bike It has to be a comfortable and affordable activity, so that those who try to try it don’t end up rejecting it. Reducing travel times, costs and making it effortless are things to consider when deciding to buy an e-bike. If you also add a funny character mixing the decision is easier to make. The Onebot S2 is looking to score in many of these aspects. With a minimalist design, folding comfortits 50 kilometers of autonomy and its price, it only has to convince its buyers that are reliable.

Because it is precisely his toy look one that can make many doubt its resistance. For this, its creators used aircraft grade magnesium alloy to form a frame that weighs 30% less than if made from traditional aluminum alloys. Or at least that’s what Onebot claims. The painting was subjected to 300,000 vibration cycles to ensure that the entire block is rigid and strong enough to withstand the elements of the city.

magnesium onebot s2-interior folding electric bike
The compact design, the ease of folding, the weight of 17.8 kilograms and the autonomy of 50 kilometers make the Onebot S2 bicycle a vehicle designed for daily urban journeys.

Also add a pedal and stem folding system to further reduce its footprint, making it an extraordinarily compact vehicle. Despite this, and thanks to the materials of the frame, the total weight of this electric bike is 17.6 kilograms and is capable of withstanding loads of up to 100 kilograms on. The frame rests on 20-inch flat-free wheels dimensions 14 x 1.95 inches. By not having any type of damping system and small diameter wheels, the irregularities of the terrain are not filtered, which can be uncomfortable when moving through areas in poor condition.

On the rear wheel hub of the Onebot S2 is a 250 W electric motor of rated power that can help the cyclist pedal to the 25km/h. It is powered by a battery 216Wh capacity (36 V, 6 Ah) sufficient according to its manufacturer for traveling 50 kilometers with each chargealthough the manufacturer does not indicate under what circumstances this figure is reached: neither the type of cyclist, nor the driving mode selected, nor the terrain covered, nor the temperature.

The bike offers three driving styles which can be selected from the handlebar-mounted LCD display. The mode Aptitude It is the one that is specified to cancel the electric assistance and thus be able to pedal as if it were a classic bicycle. In fashion Long ride, or long-distance riding mode, activates the motor assistance which only works while pedaling. The third mode, called Casual, you don’t need to pedal for the motor to propel the bike. The latter would not respond to European vehicle regulations EPACwhich requires pedaling to receive assistance.

The Onebot S2 is available on through the Indiegogo platform in two colors, cyber gray and pop blue, and, for those who trust the project and want to invest in it, the purchase price of one of these units is 487 euros to changeand will be available from September of this year.

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