These are the five smallest cars on the market

It is true that the size and car weight has developed remarkably over the years, but it is also true that there are still very useful little cars for everyday life in big cities. With engines that consume very little and with on-board technology that, in many cases, has nothing or almost nothing to envy to that of some larger and more expensive vehicles.

Of the five smallest cars, the Citroen Ami or the Renault Twizyfor example, since they fall into the category of quadricycles. But with lengths of 2,410 and 2,320 millimetres, respectively, could top this list.

Smart EQ fortwo // 2.69 meters

with a length of 2,695 millimeters, the Smart EQ fortwo it’s the car that’s been dominating the smallest car rankings for several years now. And it is that its two-seater configuration and its eminently urban concept raise it to the top of the podium in terms of contained size vehicles.

Currently sold only with electric motor. He has a power of 60 kW (82 HP) and its battery capacity is 17.6 kWh. Its autonomy is almost as reduced as its size: 159 kilometers. Therefore, it is only suitable for an urban environment. Their 260 liter cubic trunk and the price starts from 25,018 euros.

fortwo smart EQ.

Kia Picanto // 3.59 meters

The smallest Korean car for sale measures exactly 3,595 millimeters. There are several engines available, all gasoline. From the 1.0 DPi of 67 hp, which consumes an average of 5.1 l/100 km, up to the 1.0 T-GDi four-cylinder, turbo and 100 hpwhich consumes 5.2 l/100 km.

The trunk is 255 liters and its weight, in the case of Kia Picanto With a smaller engine, it does not reach a ton, so it moves with agility despite its restrained power. He has the usual seven years of brand warranty and with a demolition price if the promotional actions are included: 13,350 euros.

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Kia Picanto.

Renault Twingo // 3.61 meters

Con 3,615 millimeters in length, the Renault Twingo It has been on the market for several decades, with very significant body changes, but maintaining that young and urban look that has always characterized it.

Now it can only be obtained with 60 kW (82 hp) electric motor and a 20 kWh battery, with a starting price of 24,540 euros with delivery of a vehicle in exchange. Share platform and engine with the smart fortwo EQ, leader of this list. Your trunk is 240 liters.

Renault Twingo.

Fiat 500 // 3.63 meters

Italian measures 3,632 millimeters and, though his body seems small, it is not. It’s not cheap, since gone with a price of 28,735 euros with promotion included (32,100 without it). It is 100% electric and you can choose between a 70 kW (95 hp) version or another of 87 kW (118 HP), with the respective autonomies of 190 or 313 kilometers.

Its trunk does not give much luggage, since it stays in 185 liters. In the Fiat 500, In good Italian model, design takes precedence over practicality.

Fiat 500.

Fiat Panda // 3.65 meters

with a length of 3,653 millimeters, the Fiat Panda is the little car more SUV-like of this group because body height (1,551 millimeters). Its price without discount is 15,550 euro, what with them It is lowered to 13,291 euros. You can only choose the citylife version, with five-inch screen, USB and Bluetooth.

With its micro-hybrid mechanics, based on a 1.0 liter gasoline engine and 70 HP of power, approves a consumption of only 4.9 l/100 km. His trunk has a capacity of 225 liters.

Fiat Panda.

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