These are the cheapest gas stations for the August weekend

Filling the gas tank has become a headache for the vast majority. Since almost the end of last summer, when the demand for fuel began to spiral out of control, outstripping the supply, fuel prices are changing in historical figures, unheard of.

The war in Ukraine with the consequent sanctions against Russia, or the fact that crude oil, the oil from which gasoline and diesel are made, was of lower quality, were other reasons why this product exceeded the two liters per euro supplied. something that caused one of the worst strikes in the transport sector from Spain.

The Government actually came to develop a series of aids to refueling, such as the bonus of 20 cents per liter or specific anti-crisis aid against war. Aid that helped but was insufficient. Filling an average tank (50 liters) of gasoline costs 16 euros more. Diesel, 23. However, fortunately for consumers’ pockets, prices have fallen in recent weeks, close to May levels.

How much are petrol and diesel worth?

1,702 and 1,693 euros per liter are the average prices in the last week gasoline and diesel, respectively, on the illuminated signs of gas stations and service stations just as the second major operation of the summer begins, when travel and refueling are increasing.

However, despite the downward trend of the last days, this month of August will remain the most expensive still.

The cheapest gas stations for weekends in August

According to the portal, the cheapest gas station today, Friday, as for the unleaded gasoline 95, it is Ballenoil in San Fernando (Cadiz), at 1,621 euros per liter. The cheapest price of diesel (Gasóleo A) is at the Ballenoil gas station, in San Fernando (Cádiz), where it is sold for 1,596 euros per litre.

Monday, the cheapest day to fill up with gas

“Distribution brands often take advantage of collective mobility schemes to adjust their commercial policies, so that prices are higher on days of greatest demand”, explains the RACC automobile club, trying to indicate that there are hours and days when fuels are cheaper usual.

Monday is the day when petrol and diesel are generally the cheapest, while Saturday is the most expensive. That’s to say, the closer the weekend gets, the higher the prices will go. The reason is due to the habit of citizens to fill the tank on the last working day of the week and because on Sundays they usually fill the tanks at gas stations or gas stations.

Also, it depends on each gas station, although it is usually cheaper at midnight. Fuel economy also depends on the weather. Also, some additional tips to keep in mind are to fill up a few days before an exit operation and not to wait until the last moment when demand increases.

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