These are the 3 outstanding series that you must see from August 8 to 14


Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Star Plus shine again with their premieres for this week. Find out which new streaming series you can’t miss.

Andrew Garfield in Under the Sky Banner
© IMDBAndrew Garfield in Under the Sky Banner

With the arrival of the weekend, streaming platforms are taking advantage of their opportunity to exploit their content. The war between on-demand services seems endless, but the truth is that viewers end up loving it because, thanks to it, there are more and better productions to enjoy. The same thing happens next week where Amazon Prime Video, netflix there Star PlusThey will shine again with their premieres.

The platforms are now ready to face the second week of August in the best possible way and to bet, once again, on their creations. In fact, that’s why there’s nothing better to go through the week of August 8 to 14 with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Star Plus. Well, each of them has a different series launch which, without a doubt, is one to enjoy and take advantage of. Get to know the 3 outstanding fictions of the next few days that should not be missed.

+ The 3 outstanding series to see absolutely from August 8 to 14:

Star Plus:

next august 10 Star Plus will be launched worldwide Under the banner of heaven, a series that, although not original on the platform, will be distributed through it. strip stars Andrew Garfield and counts, so far, with a season of seven episodes. This fiction is a combination of drama, suspense, adrenaline and true crimes.

Spoiler synopsis: Under the Banner of Heaven follows Jeb Pyre, played by Andrew Garfield, a Mormon detective assigned to the murder case of Brenda, another Mormon victim. The series tells the true case of brothers Ron and Dan Lafferty who murdered their sister-in-law, the wife of their older brother, Allan.


Friday August 12 netflix preparing for the return Me never. The series, dedicated to teenagers, returns to the platform with its third season. On this occasion, the new edition has a total of ten episodes in which Devi must face the consequences of her decisions. This is undoubtedly the most awaited round by fans after the end of the second part.

Spoiler synopsis: During this season, Devi stopped being single and achieved her goal: to marry the boy of her dreams, Paxton. Plus, in his group of friends, they’re all already in a relationship, though through this they’re about to learn that relationships involve a lot of self-discovery and drama.

Amazon Prime Video:

Also on August 12, Amazon Prime Video plans to go out A league aparta season-long comedy series based on the film by tom hank from 1992 with the same name. Certainly, on this occasion, the actor will not be present, but the strip will have the same plot as the film.

Spoiler synopsis: This comedy series focuses on the American women’s professional baseball league that developed during World War II. In order to show the story of a whole generation of women who dreamed of playing baseball, the production endeavors to portray the joyful, dreamy and jovial spirit of these women.

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