“The years do not forgive. The same thing happened to my father”

the voice actor Alberto Closas Jr.son of the interpreter also Alberto Closas Lluroattended the presentation of the work chained wordsat the Bellas Artes theater in Madrid, and there he was honest about the Health great Shell Velasco (82), admitted to residence.

“It’s already a adult woman, the years do not forgivethe same thing happened with my father”, assured the son of Closas. Speaking of his father, the actor insisted on recalling a piece of advice that he keeps forever: “Without work and without passion nothing do, passion is the most important. My father told me that this job is like a priesthood and if you don’t take it that way there is nothing to do. I’ve been here for many years and I don’t know how to do anything else, that’s what I like and what I need”.

Alberto also took advantage of his appearance to praise the work of the actors before: “I’m lucky to have learned from these generationsI recently heard casting directors say that past actors weren’t worth it. I look forward to working with old actors like Sacristan oh Shell Velasco“.

Alberto Closas Jr. at a public event in November 2019.

Alberto Closas Jr. at a public event in November 2019.


After recovering from cancer, an illness his father couldn’t overcome, the actor says, “Cancer could not me, neither cancer nor Covid. I continue with the sword like everyone who has cancer, but it was not possible for me. I think it’s outdated”. Alberto prepares for the play’s premiere Boing Boing con Andoni Ferreno (57)y Augustine Bravo (61). In addition, he announced that he was preparing a tribute work in memory of his father.

Shell Summer

The interpreter has found his ideal place in Orpea Punta Galeaa residence in Madrid. There, the great lady of the scene is surrounded by love and care. Supported by her wonderful and diverse family and friends, personal and professional. Full of calm and fullness, and with great serenity, this is how Concha Velasco saw this stage. And in the same way he faces what is his first summer in residence.

[Concha Velasco, su primer verano en una residencia: la decisión de su hijo y su “gran alegría” como abuela]

“I’m not telling you because I’m her friend, Concha is very comfortable. Divinely and above all, this is how and where you want to be“, assured a few days ago a spring to SPANISH. In his opinion, Concha Velasco will spend the whole summer at his new center and current home. It is therefore not expected that the actress will take a family trip for the holidays. “He will do his outings and walks around Madrid, but not much else because Concha’s health is not for long trips“, adds the confidant.

Concha Velasco during the presentation of her latest play, 'La habitacion de María'.

Concha Velasco during the presentation of her latest play, ‘La habitacion de María’.


The family will make this summer special for Velasco: “Manuel will be on the move, as always, and also Pacowhich will take you to samuel. You don’t know the weakness she feels for this child. It’s her grandma’s great joy“. This media tried to contact Manuel Martinez Velasco (45), the always kind son of Concha, to find out how his mother is handling this unusual summer for her, but this time he refused, kindlymake statements.

A posture or decision that seems iron and firm. “It’s the only way to get it isolation and tranquility which requires Concha now. He will only answer purely necessary questions that do not concern your health. He has already given the explanations he has considered,” he adds.

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