The luxurious and moving gift of Fabio Colloricchio to Violeta Mangriñán after the birth of Gala

Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio are living very special days. Without a doubt, the arrival of Gala in the world has changed the lives of both. The couple is full of happiness. The Valencian and the Italian kept their supporters spellbound over the weekend as they awaited the birth of their daughter Gala. Indeed, Violeta and the little girl managed to trend on Twitter for several hours, due to the great expectation created around the birth. After the birth, Fabio wanted to give Violeta a luxurious gift worth 7,700 euros and which he accompanied with an emotional dedication.

“Thank you for making us feel the greatest love we have ever felt,” the couple shared on social media, hours after becoming parents. “There was a small complication, since I started having a fever and chills with shaking, just a little before the delivery. They gave me medicine, it worked and as soon as I ‘started pushing, Gala was born thirty minutes later. Vaginal delivery, not a single stitch or tear,’ Violeta explained to her followers. The influencer wanted to inform her fans of every detail of her birth, since all this time she was accompanied by them.

After giving birth, with mother and daughter at home, the influencer received a very special surprise from Fabio. And it is that the Italian gave her a luxurious jewel worth 7,700 euros, a precious gift, not only for its value, but for the precious message he left her. It is a white gold “LOVE” bracelet from the Cartier firm. An exclusive oval-shaped piece made up of two rigid arches that hug the wrist. A beautiful piece that the influencer was very enthusiastic about.

Fabio Colloricchio dedicated beautiful words to the mother of his daughter in the dedication that accompanies the gift. “When you look at this bracelet, I want you to see this little egg that you have carried inside for nine months and which from now on will be the reason for our lives. Thank you for being the most beautiful mother. and the bravest in the world. For making me the happiest dad in the universe,” he says.

Fabio's gift to Violeta after childbirth

Fabio’s gift to Violeta after childbirth

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The first days after the birth of Gala are difficult for Violeta. The influencer is not only dealing with the lack of sleep and fears typical of a new mother, but she has also had to deal with intense pain and discomfort which has brought her back to the hospital for further examinations. “I had a headache and really bad pain in my kidneys all day. I did a covid test and it came out negative,” said Mangriñán, who was on his way to the doctor.

“I go to the emergency room to rule out that it is a urinary tract infection, because I have a lot of trouble going to the toilet, every day it hurts more instead of less,” he said. to his followers through his Instagram stories. “Well, yes, I have a urinary infection,” confirmed the young woman a few hours later, who must now follow a course of antibiotics, which she says leave her “dirty”. Postpartum is not easy, but Gala’s love is surely helping the influencer move forward with great strength.

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