The great physical change of Miguel Bosé in his last images

During the harshest months of the Coronavirus pandemic, Miguel Bosé has been in the spotlight for his controversial statements about the virus and the vaccine. It also sparked interest in certain aspects of his life.

Your relationship with her ex-husband and father of her children, Nacho Palau, was the loudest. He participated in the last edition of survivors, where he told how the years of relationship with the singer went. A secret love for more than two decades that did not end in the best way.

Bosé didn’t say anything publicly about the Palau contest, he was silent for a while. But Nacho said they spoke on the phone and congratulated him on how far he had come. survivors. Now the singer has reappeared on the streets of Madrid.

Miguel Bosé has been living in Mexico for several years where, in addition to continuing to devote himself to music, he is coach from the program The voice. But for the past few months, we have seen it in Spain, where a great physical change has been appreciated.

Miguel Bosé at the book signing in Madrid

Miguel Bosé at the book signing in Madrid


There has been speculation about the singer’s health condition for some time. In some media appearances, he acknowledged that emotionally he was not at his best. Due to the various problems he had, he suffered complications such as loss of voice.


Child custody dispute

Nacho Palau and Miguel Bosé spent more than twenty years together. The couple have four children together. Palau tells in an interview with Ten minutes that the relationship deteriorated a lot and that the communication was very complicated between the two. This is why the divorce was very controversial.

Childcare was the most complex. Although they have always acknowledged that the four children they have are in common, biologically Nacho is the father of two and Miguel of the other two. When they separated, a judge determined that they would only be left with custody of those who had conceived.

'Survivors 2022': Nacho Palau leads the way on his bridge of emotions

‘Survivors 2022’: Nacho Palau leads the way on his bridge of emotions

A solution that publicly satisfied neither. But to solve it, they need to reopen legal proceedings and have some communication. Something complicated so far, since the ex-girlfriend seems to have again a cordial contact.

In the same interview with Ten minutes, Palau tells how was his relationship with the singer. What started as “a dream”, but gradually her character became “sour” and the couple deteriorated a lot. He speaks of constant conflicts and leaves the singer in a bad state of marriage.

This is not the case as a father, a sense in which he does not criticize him, rather he praises the love he has for his children. Although he does not understand his opinions on Covid and vaccines, something he does not agree with and does not understand how he speaks his mind with such confidence having such a great media impact.

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