The Generalitat modifies the LOTUP to accelerate the installation of industries with a high technological component

It pushes industries benefiting from European aid such as Volkswagen to settle in the Community


The plenary session of the Consell approved this Friday the decree-law by which the revised text of the Law on Territorial Planning, Urban Planning and Landscape (LOTUP) is amended to facilitate the installation of high-component industries technological and innovative in the Valencian Community.

The objective is to obtain the land necessary for the implementation of these projects and their full functionality, including the energy supply through renewable energies and the remaining external urban infrastructure.

The modification allows industries benefiting from European aid with a high technological and innovative level, such as Volkswagen or similar companies, to establish themselves in the Valencian Community. In the coming years, this automotive group will install a giga-factory of batteries in the Sagunt II Park.

Concretely, a seventh section is added to the eighth complementary provision of the consolidated text of the LOTUP, so that the declaration of a strategic territorial project for industries with a strong technological and innovative component implies the declaration of public utility and social interest and the urgency of the occupation of the property and rights affected, for the purpose of forced expropriation.

Obtaining this land by expropriation may imply that it becomes part of the public heritage of the land, if the Consell considers it as such. In this case, the agreement by which the strategic territorial project is declared will make the land available to the promoter by lease or surface right, subject to the payment of a rent or a surface fee at least equal to the market rate, according to the expert report issued for this purpose.

According to the Generalitat, the modification responds to the current economic, climatic and geopolitical situation, since all major projects require the commissioning of renewable energies in accordance with the change of energy model promoted by the regional administration. These projects, linked to photovoltaic parks intended for self-consumption of electricity, should make it possible to acquire large areas.

The regional strategy of the Region envisages strategic figures to implement economic activities, fundamentally industrial, with a great favorable impact on the territory and the creation of industrial clusters with high technological intensity. In this line, strategic territorial projects are the ideal figure for highly qualified industrial projects and multiplier effects for the entire Valencian economic structure.

The energy emergency caused by the invasion of Ukraine makes it necessary to urgently change the legislation so that renewable energy implementation projects linked to strategic territorial projects benefit from the same conditions. Otherwise, warns the Generalitat, a situation of insufficient energy supply for these actions could arise.

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