The five jeans that flatter you the most according to your body shape

Jeans are part of the clothes more basic and versatile from our closet. Cropped, skinny, straight… today we find them in all sorts of shapes and styles. However, finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task.

When buying a new one, we sometimes allow ourselves to be guided more by the tendencies as well as by the shape of our body, whatever our morphology. It is therefore important to choose well what we wear: a new pair of jeans only becomes a good investment if it makes us feel good, comfortable and at ease in our body. Here we bring you a selection of the jeans that best suit you according to your body shape.


If you have a slim physique, long legs and straight hips, skinny jeans are perfect for you. The high waist and tight hem of this type of pants help give your body a little more shape. The more we adjust, the more roundness will appear in our figure. An option could be this H&M high waist, slim legs, back pockets and button zip fly, which you can buy for €19.99.

Skinny jeans are ideal if you have a slim physique and straight hips. H&M.


In the case where our figure is characterized by having some very long legs, To reduce the length, the easiest strategy will be the use of ankle or cropped jeans. The ideal for tall women is that the pants are two or three centimeters above the ankle and the shoes are visible. By shortening the length, the length of the legs is visually reduced. these of Zara they cost €25.95 and they’re mid-rise, low-rise with a flared effect and they have a seamless finish.

If we use short style pants, high heels or high heels will always be a good option to combine it. Zara.

great height

If we have one hourglass silhouette, that is, the proportion between your shoulders and your hips is practically equal (50:50), high waisted jeans accentuate your already balanced figure. These types of pants are great for adding volume to your buttocks, in addition to gathering your abdomen and concealing volume in the belly area. And it is that these jeans pay attention to the smallest part of your body, the waist, so your figure will be slimmer. If you also opt for darker shades, such as those of Mango, They will further refine and lengthen your figure. they cost €29.99 and if the color does not convince you, you can also find them in white or beige.

If we have an hourglass figure, high waisted jeans will favor us more. Mango.


If our body has pear-shaped, that is, the upper half of the body is narrower than the lower part (the hips are wider than the shoulders), in this case we must focus on our female form, styling it with heels . Choose low shoes long enough to wear high heels and with large pockets, to flatter the “back”. Flared jeans will shrink your hips and thighs, like those in Pull and carry, how much do they cost €22.99.

Flared jeans make your hips and thighs look narrower. Pull and carry.


if you are small, straight jeans will become your best ally. This type of pants allows you to lengthen your legs and if you add a hem slightly above the ankle, you will enhance your silhouette even more. If your goal is to balance the volume between the thighs and calves, straight cut jeans are the latest trend and will allow you to match the level of both. These are from H&M and they cost 7.99 euros.

Straight jeans help elongate your legs. H&M.

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