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We are always looking for the best ways to get rid of pests, mainly cockroaches that cause repulsion and disgust.

The ace cockroaches they are insects that hide in dark and humid places, they come into contact with food leaving traces of urine, saliva and excrement, therefore you can contract various diseases such as salmonella or E. coli, that’s why if you have seen an insect of this type do not let it pass.

It is not pleasant at all to see a cockroach while you are tasting your favorite dish, beyond fear you have a feeling of disgust and it even affects your peace of mind because knowing the diseases they spread you just can’t wait for them to breed freely. One aspect to keep in mind is that they are nocturnal insects, which indicates that they prefer to go out in the middle of the dark so as not to be detected and therefore eliminated.

It is a reality that technology and science in general have advanced so much that there are products capable of ending the lives of thousands of cockroaches, even though they are one of the most resistant insects and can survive natural disasters and explosions. Despite achieving the desired effect, it is better to avoid environmentally unfriendly products, moreover, the continuous use of insecticides can lead to serious health problems or poor quality of an aerosol may cause a fire.

In this way, if you discover that the cockroaches have completely settled in your home, whether in the kitchen, in the basement or in the living room, you should resort to the following natural method which is easy to follow and very economical, because you will not have to pass as if it were an insecticide.

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The cucumbers It’s the secret ingredient to keeping cockroaches away.

This vegetable is essentially composed of water, does not contain any type of fat and provides vitamins and proteins. This powerful ally will help you in your fight against these insects because it is the opposite of their tastes, since they opt for fatty and sweet foods.

Option 1

2 or 3 cucumbers
Microfiber cloth
Escoba the Trapper

1. Wash the cucumber and cut it into slices, it is not necessary to remove the skin.
2. Mix with a cup of water.
3. Filter the liquid.

From this stage we can use the cucumber in two different ways, the first proposal made by the media Television This is called “the cucumber trick”, for this method the indications are simple.

After getting the cucumber juice, the broom should be soaked followed by cleaning the floor and under the furniture. You can also soak a microfiber cloth, wring it out very well, and clean appliances, dining rooms, and other kitchen furniture, repeating this procedure twice a day.

Option 2

ripe cucumbers
vaporizer or atomizer
Aluminium foil

The second option tells us that we must cut the cucumber into slices and place them on top of the foil, this procedure can be repeated several times depending on the places you want to cover, according to the magazine The Spaniard The cucumber should be changed daily, as the fresher it is, the better the results will be.

Similarly, you can liquefy a few slices with water, the mixture must be filtered and emptied into the atomizer, then spray only the places where the insects transit.

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