The entire Predator saga in chronological order

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In 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the first installment of the saga Predator. One of the franchises most loved by action and science fiction fans and whose new chapter arrives with Predator: to the pressa prequel to the original film that can already be seen on Disney+.

And that’s it, there are not a few followers of the saga who longed to see this deadly intergalactic hunter again. A terrifying creature belonging to the species of Yautjasbeings that traverse the galaxy in search of new prey they deem worthy of confronting their skills to catch them, eliminate them and keep them as trophies. This is the case of the special forces team led by the Dutch of Schwarzenegger or police lieutenant Mike Harrigan from Danny Glover in the second part of the saga.

However, his hunting ground is not only limited to the human species, but also faced another deadly and deadly species from outer space. Ridley Scott’s Aliens that so many hardships and bad times put Ripley through Sigourney Weavereven sharing the poster twice: Alien vs. Predator released in 2004 and its sequel in 2007.

And since it is easy to get lost among so many deliveries, and their comings and goings in time and space, to enjoy the whole saga, these are all the movies in the Predator franchise in chronological order.


Directed by Dan Trachtembergthis prequel, which is already on Disney+, tells the story of Naru, a young warrior, brave and skillful, who grew up among the greatest hunters who inhabited the Great Plains. The young woman will be forced to confront one of those mortal beings who kill for sport.


The soundtrack of John McTiernan and featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger with whom it all started. turned into a cult classicthe film follows Dutch, a Vietnam War veteran, and his team, who, during a supposed rescue mission, discover that in reality, they fall prey to an alien creature that intends to hunt them down.

PREDATOR 2 (1990)

The resounding success of Predator is such that three years later, a spectacular suite starring Danny Glover, swapping the sweltering jungle for New York as the main setting for the action. In it, a bloody new murderer stalks citizens on the streets, which leads to the story’s protagonist, Police Lt. Mike Harrigan to discover it is a threat from outer space.


This new installment of the franchise is coming to the big screen the eponymous comedy series published by Dark Horse in 1989 and finally brought together in one film two of the most terrifying creatures that cinema has given. The discovery of an ancient pyramid in Antarctica leads a team of scientists to the frozen continent where they make a terrifying discovery: two ruthless alien races fighting a spectacular battle that could wipe out humanity.


Set after what happened in the previous film, this sequel takes place when a ship piloted by a yautjan crashes in a Colorado town and the aliens it was harboring escape, killing all but one of the crew. And he’ll be responsible for ending each of the deadly creatures, as well as the terrifying alien that was spawned in the first film.


Released in 2010 and considered one of the best sequels in the saga, and starring Adrian BrodyPredators, save the spirit of the original 1987 film. Here, a group of the most dubious and diverse mercenaries are personally chosen by the yautjan, transported to the forests of an inhospitable planet. Seeing themselves in a situation that is clearly beyond them and without trusting themselves, They must join forces to avoid falling prey to their captors and be able to finish them off.


Eight years after Predators, Shane Black went behind the scenes for a new story featuring the fearsome space hunters. A band full of blood and humor with the seal of the director of iron man 3 where, thanks to a genetic modification of their DNA, predators are deadlier than ever and when a boy triggers his return to Earththe only hope of ending the yautjas is with a group of ex-combatants led by Boyd Holbrook and Thomas Jane among others before turning them into minced meat.

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