The dessert that works as the most effective remedy for peeling skin

Summer is synonymous with many good things, but it also brings risks stemming in large part from change of eating habits a die Sun exposure. Sunbathing in moderation and with a broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential for showing off a beautiful, long-lasting tan, which is the most pursued goal during these months. However, in addition to seeing beautiful tans, it is also very common to see peeled skinproduced by a direct damage to skin vslike a sunburn or a infection. The skin is continuously exposed to sun, wind, heat, dryness and excessive humidity, which irritates and damages it.

It is a mechanism that the skin haseliminate cells that have been damaged and replace them with new cells. During the days following the burn, the dead cells we have on the surface act as a protective shield while new cells accumulate underneath because they are still very fragile and once they are “ready” we will start to peel.

lots of cream, hydration and patience. But there are also some natural medicine that can help, including certain foods. There is one which will be unknown to you but which is very effective: the curd Curd is very nutritious and can be an even more effective remedy than moisturizer.

Remember that if you have peeled it is because you have suffered an excess of solar radiation, and beyond its unattractiveness, the worst thing is that burns are dangerous and greatly increase the risk of develop skin cancer. This is why we must always avoid reaching this extreme, although if you are a little confused we will tell you the advantages and how to apply this dessert on the skin.

Benefits and how to apply it

Dairy products and their derivatives contain vitamin D and E to treat tanning. Vitamin D reacts to sun exposure and protects the footl because it facilitates the absorption of calcium by the bones. For its part, vitamin E promotes the regeneration of the skin and slows down the speed of ‘peeling’, so it preserves the tan.

Also, the curd kills germs not wanted. It basically moisturizes the skin and gives a glowing complexion. Apply homemade curd to all affected areas. Keep for one hour after which it is washed off with lukewarm water . Apply two to three times a day to get rid of skin infections and to heal damaged and peeling skin.

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