Tesla wants to enter the robotics sector: this is the announcement of “AI Day: Part 2” – News – Hybrids and electrics

You’re here began its commercial life as a manufacturer of electric car, however, its future ambitions are to rise to the term of technology company, since it wants to open a new front in its catalog of available gadgets. The next step for Americans is launch a humanoid robot in the market supported by several of the advances presented in electric vehiclesas advertised by itself Elon Musk a little less than a year ago. Now the company has shown the image announcing the arrival of the “AI Day: Part 2“, where everything indicates that they will show news of their robot project.

The “AI Day” is a day chosen from the calendar during which the brand presents all the technological advances related to artificial intelligence (hence the “AI Day”; artificial intelligence day for its acronym in English ). Earlier this year, Tesla announced that “AI Day: Part 2” would take place on August 19, 2022, the same date as the last edition, however, were forced to postpone the said date to September 30for which they already promise “many interesting updates”.

On AI Day 2021, Elon Musk himself showed substantial progress for the coming years on autonomous driving in its electric cars and also presented the supercomputer called Dojo, among other novelties. However, much of the protagonism was taken by the announcement of the “Robot Tesla“a humanoid robot which is now called”Best Tesla”.

The aforementioned delay in celebrating AI Day in 2022 is primarily due to the fact that, at Tesla, they hope to have a working Optimus prototype available by then. This was announced by the CEO of the company himself last June in response to many questions that came to him about the celebration of the new AI Day. Now, at the annual meeting of shareholders, Tesla released the image announcing the celebration of the eventwhich is presented as a declaration of intent.

At the last AI Day, Tesla showed off its humanoid robot project based on advances in its electric cars

During the presentation of the Bot Tesla last August 2021, Elon Musk assured that they expected to start production throughout the year 2023, which was a shock, since it was a an extremely ambitious date for a project of such scope. In addition, he also expressed the company’s interest in this project compared to certain other products. During Musk’s last speech a few hours ago, he reaffirmed that he believed the humanoid robot sector should become the most relevant business for the firm, even above its famous electric cars. “I suspect Optimus will be more valuable than the car in the long run.. This will upset the whole notion of the economy,” the official said.

Elon Musk said that this robot would suppose the solution to the labor shortage and it would create a change in the global economy in which it would serve as a support for cost reduction for manufacturing companies. For this, the company will use all his experience and knowledge in electronics, batteries and artificial intelligence get ready to create al Tesla Optimus.

Initially, Optimus would be programmed to perform simple and repetitive tasks on assembly lines or in the manufacture of Tesla’s electric models. Over time, they wait for their artificial intelligence to develop to tackle increasingly complex tasks.

However, although the Tesla Optimus has all the signs to become the protagonist of AI Day 2022, the truth is that news is also expected regarding the technology of the firm’s electric models, as a breakthrough in autonomous driving or in their own hardware. On September 30, all doubts will be dispelled.

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