Summary and goals of Tona

Law. at 8:22 p.m.


The azulgranas dominated the first half, but only drilled Marc Quer’s goal on one of many occasions

Emre Demir, with a brace after the break, left the match after a sentence and the successful pass

He had no difficulty Barca athletic to eliminate a His who participated in the game until the second goal. Of the Raphael Marquez They were superior and ended up beating their rival with doubles of Robert Fernandez there Emre The irontwo of the branch’s recruits for this season. Girona B oh Badalonawho plays today, will be the next rival of the azulgranas.


Catalunya Cup




EU Tona

M. Quer, Nil Pradas (J.Alberto, 64′), Dan Coll, Lluc Coll, Generó (Sebas, 46′); M.Molist (T.Rossell, 46′), Pau Juvanteny; P. Vallés (Miki Poveda, 53′), Nil Salarich, Muri (Didac, 46′); and Roquet (Eloi, 78′).

Barca Atletico

Arnau Tenas, A. Núñez, Diounkou, Mika Marmol (Chadi, 46′), Valle; Casadó (Aleix, 76′), Ilias (Estanis, 46′), E. Demir (Carbonell, 60′), Roberto, T. Alba (Aranda, 66′) and Zaca (Fabio, 46′).


0-1 M. 6 Roberto. 0-2 S. 57 Emre Demir 0-3 S. 59 Emre Demir. 0-4 M.87 Roberto.


Cobos Pujol. TA: At the local Generó and at Le Roquet.


Municipal. 500 spectators.

It didn’t take long for the Barcelona team to open the scoring, as in the 6th minute the first corner kick made it 0-1. He launched Spit Alba brief on Iliaswho in the background got rid of a rival and gave the death pass to Robert, to send the ball into the net. A little after Zac He was able to extend the count, but the goalkeeper sent for a corner.

Halfway through this first act was Spit Alba who tried with a shot from the edge of the box that came out hitting the post. In full control of the subsidiary was Robert who finished with the goal of Mark Would you like. Before half an hour a personal movement of Ilias He finished it with a shot that was too crossed, but the team of Richard farres managed to equalize in the 31st minute thanks to a shot from Paul Juventany that Arnau Tenas rejected, and in the second instance it was The summers Vallés who shot over the crossbar.

After the break the newcomer Stanis he managed to make it 0-2 with a shot from the edge of the box that went wide. Shortly after, the end gave way to Emre The iron beat home goal, missed two minutes later and clean The iron condemned the duel with the third goal. The goalkeeper avoided the fourth against Estanis a few minutes later and later against Robert there Aranda.

Before the end, he managed to score the His with a header of Paul Juvenile for a corner, who cleared the goal Arnaud hold. But Barcelona’s response meant the game’s fourth goal in a triangulation with a final cross from Alvaro Nunez who ended up alone Robert to sign his double in this first round of the chopped off Catalonia.

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