Samsung launches technical service that repairs devices on site

Repairs are carried out on the spot and in front of the customer, both for mobile phones and for portable devices and tablets. All the details

Samsung Argentina opened a store multiexperience with a innovative space dedicated to repair in view of mobile phones, tablets or wearables that allows customers to have their equipment ready to use in less than an hour.

The premises are located at Av. Cabildo 2160, in Belgrano.

Samsung has thus become the pioneer in adapting this store model in the country thanks to He is new local format with repair service in sight.

Repairs are carried out by a team of certified professionals original spare parts and official warranty. In addition, customers with high-end products will receive preferential attention, they explained from the firm.

The experience of will 2 in 1from in the store the user will be able to explore the entire ecosystem of products Samsung.

This way you will have the chance to buy televisions, mobile line products (mobile phones, tablets, watches, headphones and accessories), fixed line (refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, among others) thereat the same time, repair your damaged hardware.

In the new service, technicians repair Samsung cell phones, tablets and wearables on site

In Samsung’s new on-site service, technicians repair the company’s cell phones, tablets and wearables

A multisensory experience

The new location – unlike other formats more traditional- It allows the user to have the best experience of the entire ecosystem of Samsung products and try all the categories interacting with each other.

Another great differential of this store is that it has a 85m2 dedicated to customer service and is the first Samsung Multi-Experience Store from argentina with repair service in sight.

If the user buys another product in the new store, he will be able to access the benefit of Map of Canjethrough which they deliver their precedents smartphone and tablet of any brand or Samsung TV as partial payment for a new computer.

In this way, they will have the opportunity to save up to 54% in the purchase.

Samsung pointed out that with this new location “the products are given a second chance and collaborate in reducing the environmental footprint”.

Samsung's new on-site customer service also lets customers try and buy other devices in the ecosystem

Samsung’s new on-site customer service also lets customers try and buy other devices in the ecosystem

Mining Samsung and Bitcoin

On the other hand, the South Korean giant is planning to get involved in crypto mining and, for this reason, is working on the development of a 3 nanometer (nm) sized chip.

This will help reduce a 30% mining energy consumption. The 3nm chips are compatible with specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

These machines are effective for bitcoin miningand according to The Elec the tests are already underway.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (1 nm = 10−9 m), i.e. it is impossible to visualize without appropriate instruments.

The ability to Samsung making 3nm chips will likely solve some bitcoin mining pain points, like reducing power consumption by up to one 30%.

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