Samantha burns ships in First Dates to seduce Jordi

The stewardess was fascinated by the mature businessman

Samantha did not throw the yews at Jord but the planes, and it is that the Barcelonan is hostess and she got tired of being single, that’s why she came First dates. The girl assures that due to her constant travel work, she could not devote herself to her sentimental, love and, of course, sexual life. However, it is about dating show with somewhat high demands.

The cabin crew make sure people call you while drinking, but she admits that is not the case. On the contrary, she describes herself as “confident, independent and charismatic”. His date was Barcelona, ​​albeit Castellón-based, businessman Jordi. His presence and attitude were enough to leave the woman with something fascinated and delighted.

    first dates samantha
Jordi is a 53-year-old businessman who thinks this is the ideal age to conquer.

Jordi ready to board Samantha’s plane to escape First Dates

The evening couldn’t have started better. The two were very comfortable for most of the date and of course she didn’t shut up when she gave her opinion on Jordi. “He’s a man with a big impact. I liked him. And she cooks too, I find that super sexy. For his part, he pointed out that what he liked most about the hostess of the air was his gift for communication.

Everything was looking very good between the two and both showed a desire to continue the appointment but in other circumstances. That’s when they talked about sports and each other. Samantha revealed that she enjoys hiking, to which Jordi also exclaimed that by coincidence, he does too.

Samantha begs Jordi for a second date outside of First Dates

The two diners not only agreed that they like to hike, but that they constantly do it in one specific place, the Camino de Ronda. Both wondered how it was possible they had never seen each other, to which the Barcelonan took the opportunity to insinuate that they should go out and train together.

“You’ll invite me later” exclaimed Samantha, but Jordi just smiled and said nothing. Having no concrete answer, the hostess launched everything and without prejudice. “Give me a second date, I’m dying of shame.” With this statement, the man did not hesitate to say that he would like to spend a second evening with her.

Claudio also caused the charm effect on Euge

Euge was one of the last to stop by the First Dates restaurant in search of love. The girl caught the attention of viewers from the first moment, because she arrived with her intentions very clear. And Cuatro’s program did not disappoint her, because the boy who was looking for her suited her perfectly and from the first moment she was delighted with him.

As we could see, the first arrival was Argentina who revealed some secrets about his life. Euge revealed that she was an influencer and because of her style and profile, no one imagined her childhood dream was to pick up religious habits. As she assured, as a child she wanted to be a nun, although that dream never came true. And thank God, because apparently on the dating show, he didn’t get on well at all.

Claudio, the one in charge of conquering Euge in First Dates

Shortly after, Claudio appeared at the doors of Cuatro’s restaurant. He was a slender man who made Eugene’s jaw drop from the first moment. And it is that the Argentinian did not hesitate to comment on his appointment, cataloging him as very handsome and with a very trained body. But what caught her attention the most were her strong arms, which she assured would protect her.

How could it be otherwise, one of the topics that stood out the most during the dinner was sexual. Claudio kept nothing for himself and went so far as to assure that he was like a giver of pleasure. But the thing didn’t stop there, but he defined himself as a pusher, because he liked the other to feel good. A few words which, far from frightening Euge, seemed to enchant him.

Euge, delighted with her date with Claudio

From the first moment, the chemistry between the two was more than evident. Over time, Euge thought Claudio was the only one and vice versa. This is why in the final decision they did not hesitate for a moment to declare their desire to want to repeat. Euge argued that he wanted a second date with Claudio as he had a lot of business to discuss privately.

But the really shocking thing came when he assured that he would like me to give him that sexual pleasure he was bragging about. In this way, the driver from Alicante left First Dates triumphant, since the appointment had been a success. And due to the final decision they made, everything seems to indicate that the second date outside the Cuatro program was also a success, because their intentions were very clear.

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