Rocío Flores undergoes three new cosmetic touch-ups and brags about the result

Rocío Flores has taken a liking to aesthetic retouching. Rocío Carrasco’s daughter went to her trusted clinic this week to undergo three cosmetic touch-ups that she has been doing for several months now. The physique of the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores has changed a lot since her television debut and she couldn’t be prouder. That’s why every time he goes to the clinic, he shares with the hair and signs the last touch-ups made.

The life of Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter has changed dramatically since she first set foot on a television set. At that time, she was a shy girl ready to defend her father, Antonio David Flores, tooth and nail, in Big Brother VIP 7. A television star was born there, and since then the young woman has experienced a very noticeable physical change. From now on, he has taken a liking to aesthetic touch-ups, and in fact, he did not hesitate to go to the clinic in the middle of summer vacation.

Among various touch-ups, his most drastic change has been since undergoing liposculpture. This summer, the granddaughter of the “tallest” boasts of being a great guy at the beach and at the pool. Rocío couldn’t be more comfortable with her body and she is totally happy that she made the decision to have surgery. Today, Antonio David’s daughter has decided to rely on professionals, once again, to take care of the appearance of another fundamental element of her image: her face.

The 25-year-old has repeatedly clarified that she is not addicted to the surgery. However, the young woman is rather attracted by aesthetic medicine, for which several aesthetic treatments and aesthetic retouching have already been carried out. Now, in mid-August, he has decided to go back to his old ways. “I had my lips filled with hyaluronic acid, vitamins with Dermapen acid and Botox on the forehead and crow’s feet,” the young woman explained through the stories on her Instagram profile.

Rocío Flores explains what his new aesthetic touches are

Rocío Flores explains what his new aesthetic touches are

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Additionally, the TV collaborator admitted that while she is pleased with the results, not everything is as good as it looks. Rocío assured that she was still anesthetized because she was not able to bear the injections. “I’m a super complainer with needles, so he gave me anesthesia and it didn’t hurt at all,” she said. Her new image surprised her followers, since the lips are still a little puffy.

Although the swelling subsides in the next few days, the change in Rocío’s image is more than evident, and she couldn’t be happier about it. The young woman will continue to bet on these alterations as long as they do her good. “As long as you’re putting yourself in good hands and it’s a decision you’re making to feel better about yourself…I support her,” he recently wrote on his social media profile. Without a doubt, anything that helps with self-esteem is welcome.

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