Robe triumphs in the Southern Pyrenees thanks to its ‘Mayéutica’ and the lasting successes of Extremoduro

Rob Iniesta played this Friday for the first time in South Pyrenees and he did it in style, like the essential figure of Spanish rock of the last three decades: with 4,500 people who traveled to the past, present and future of the old Extremoduro. cyclonauts and his energetic performance closed the most eventful day of the 29th edition of the Huesca Festival.

Dressing gown live in the present. He doesn’t deny his successful past with Extremoduro, but it is a restless musician, eager to continue growing as an artist and above all, he knows that ‘Mayéutica’ is one of the best works of his long career. This is why he does not hesitate to play the album in its entirety and in strict order on his current tour, as he conceived it in the studio.

an intense spectacle

However, his intense “show” kicked off with a selection of songs from his solo career and some of Extremoduro’s key tracks. ‘Del time lost’, ‘Above good and evil’ and ‘I want the forbidden’ (all from his second solo album, ‘Destrozares, songs for the end of time’) opened the generous ‘setlist’. Following his style manual, his unique and personal way of understanding rock, which has created a school, and with a group of six musicians (which includes a classical formation but also violin and wind), he has shown that he continues to be a key figure in the genre. .

The 4,500 people in the room devoted themselves to the first song of Plasencia and his band, continuing with songs from their first album (“Un suspiro acompasada”, “Nana cruel”) and finding themselves in ecstasy with “Tu corazón’, ‘Tango suicidal’ and ‘Sweet introduction to chaos’ (as representatives of Extremoduro in this batch). But the still impatient Robe also introduced an unreleased song (“On the shore of the river”) and before the break he closed with his latest single “Unintelligible”, already received almost as a new classic.

The staging of a concept album

‘Mayéutica’, as he did with Extremoduro with ‘Pedrá’ and ‘La ley innata’, is a concept album; with beginning, middle and end. And, in this way, Robe designs it for her live show. So it started with ‘Interludio’, closed with ‘Coda feliz’ and the central part took up the four central movements of the album, where he unleashed all his talent as a rock musician. They sounded crisp and resounding, for example, “First movement: after the catharsis” or “Second movement: crap of philosophy”.

Robe Iniesta showed the power of his rock in Lanuza. Jaime Oriz

He thought back to the encores, in which he did not hesitate to pick up three indisputable ‘hits’ from different periods of Extremoduro: ‘Jesucristo García’, ‘Puta’ and ‘Ama, ama, ama y ensancha el alma’. A perfect end to one of the most unusual and exceptional nights in the Southern Pyrenees.

Although the rockiest night in the Southern Pyrenees 2022 began with the last rays of sunshine in the Tena Valley and the enraged performance by Ciclonautas. The Spanish-Argentinian band wasted pure energy in their 45-minute “show”, which oscillated between hard rock and metal, with a voice that repeatedly recalled the late Lemmy (of Motörhead). Barely breathing, they delivered songs as inspired as ‘El sol’ (with which they debuted), ‘Eterno aprendiz’ or ‘Bienvenidos’.

Last weekend

This Saturday will mark the closing of the 29th edition of Pirineos Sur and it will be big, with an essential figure of the current Latin music scene: Nathy Peluso. Argentina continues unstoppable in its desire to renew Latin music and will demonstrate it today at the Lanuza amphitheater. will also act Oddlicatoran influential musician and producer who has already collaborated with Peluso in its early days.

Tickets for the concert are still available at festival website and in ViewTickets, at a price of 35 euros (plus distribution costs). In any case, children under eight years old have free access, with a maximum of one child per adult.

8:30 p.m. Doors open.

22.00 Oddliqueur.

11:45 p.m. Nathy Peluso.

01.30 Face Down Ass Up Soundsystem.

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