Prey: when a simple idea restores glory to a faded franchise

In 1987, director John McTiernan brought to life Predator, the story written by Jim and John Thomas about an otherworldly hunter with deadly technology, capable of making humans his trophies, who goes against a group of elite military men. add to Arnold Schwarzeneggerthe star of the moment in action films, the film was a boom that, in addition to sweeping the box office and boosting the Austrian’s career, sparked a franchise.

In 1990 came the sequel, predator 2. For this episode, the plot moves the hunter to another type of jungle: the city. Critics were ruthless, and instead of seeing the perspective offered by the new story, they chose to kill it. In any case, over the years, the film of Stephen Hopkins received the support it deserved, as a worthy sequel and with a protagonist (Danny Glover) who had nothing to envy to Arnold.

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