Pezzella, his year at Betis, the duel against his ex and the market: “Lo Celso is perfect”

The arrival of Fiorentina in Seville also represents the past of the two pillars of the Real Betis. Joaquín enjoyed his only trip abroad to Florence and returned home from there; Yes Pezella he went further, because barely twelve months ago he was captain of the Viola. Today faces will be seen with his former team, something very special, especially for the Argentine, who will meet many friends he hasn’t greeted in a year.

The Albiceleste centre-back took stock of this year on, analyzing how he sees his former team, team-mates like Martínez Quarta, who only two years ago were Betis’ target on the market, or Lo Celso that appears on the horizon of both.

“When you make a decision you consider a lot of things. Over time you can tell if it was good or not, but let’s just say it went well. It was very positive, both for me and for the team. I played a lot, we won the Copa del Rey, which hadn’t been won here for a long time. These are beautiful things for a footballer. The continuity of the team allowed a great tournament. In the Europa League, we alternated a bit, but we were eliminated at the last minute by Eintracht, who then won the trophy”, says a Pezzella, who admits to following Fiorentina “all the time” and was happy to the good season he has had. despite his departure.

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