Pepe Navarro, in hospital after his legal defeat against Ivonne Reyes? The image that would prove it

On August 2, 2022, SPANISH exclusively reported that Yvonne Reyes (53 years) won again in court Pepe Navarre (70). The Venezuelan, who in 2021 contracted the services of the firm MartinezEchevarría & Rivera Lawyerssaw again how justice was on his side.

The presenter had filed a complaint for violation of law honor Yvonne. It all goes back to an interview Reyes gives to the magazine conferences sometime ago. In it, Pepe Navarro understood that his honor was violated and handed it over to justice. Justice pronounced against him in January 2021Navarra resorted and now, as this newspaper has learned, he has lost again. Another victory for Ivonne Reyes.

Therefore, a unexpected setback for Pepe -convinced that the Provincial Court would agree with him-, who is enjoy summer holidays in Ibiza. Coinciding with his loss to the Venezuelan, the presenter was captured by the cameras leaving an island restaurant take a boat trip.

The image of Pepe Navarro wearing the hospital bracelet.

The image of Pepe Navarro wearing the hospital bracelet.

European press

However, it caught the attention of graphic journalists that Navarro wears on his left wrist a hospital bracelet and a pharmacy bag, which led to the conclusion that he could have been hospitalized or, at least, that he had recently visited the hospital. A possible pothole in health that, for the moment, has not happened and that the legendary communicator would face surrounded by his family and friends in his house in Ibiza.

The eternal legal battle

Regarding the last legal battle that Ivonne Reyes won, it was explained to this media that The communicator is ordered to pay the costs, both to his lawyer and to that of the Venezuelan. Navarro can still appeal and go to the Supreme Court. The presenter demanded 60,000 euros from Ivonne and the aforementioned magazine for tarnishing his honor. Anyway, a new victory for the Venezuelan, thanks to the work of her lawyer.

This is not the only legal dispute that unites the two. On June 6, 2022, the Venezuelan saw how justice ruled in favor of her ex-partner, and legal father of her only son, Pepe Navarro, after the complaint filed weeks ago for “fear and insults“.

After the trial, which was held before the court of Violence against women -located at number 31 calle de Albarracín-, on June 2, the legendary presenter was acquitted. A decision that ruined the hope that the mother of alexander reyes (22).

[Álex, el hijo de Ivonne Reyes y Pepe Navarro, se convierte en empresario con su marca de ropa: hablamos con él]

Ivonne Reyes at a wedding of a few friends in June 2022.

Ivonne Reyes at a wedding of a few friends in June 2022.


It’s worth remembering at this point in the story that Ivonne based her complaint mostly on a furious phone call she made. Pepe Navarre space out Live life, being her as a guest. Intervention in which he called Ivonne “scoundrel“, among other qualifiers that she provided in evidence.

Well, the judge leaned in favor of the mythical communicator. In fact, it was published that the magistrate described the Venezuelan request as “ridiculous and disproportionate“However, EL ESPAÑOL has reported exclusively new data on the case -which totally denies everything that has been published-, and information that has given a 180 degree turn to events.

Yvonne Reyes already called phrasing. She will continue to fight and fight against what she considers unjust and continues, despite everything, trust in justice. He does not back down and last Monday, June 13, his lawyer filed the call sentencing on June 2.

Yvonne: “I’m calm”

The Venezuelan assured in the last hours that i was hoping this judicial result in his favor, since he always went ahead with the truth: “I’m calm because I didn’t lie. Whatever they say, from the beginning to this day, until my death, it will remain the same, and the after if there is an after, it will remain the same.

On the other hand, Ivonne maintains that the presenter is not going to stop there, since it is the second time that he has won a lawsuit for the exact same thing: “will say poor you‘, because he is homeless, but it works really well, he doesn’t pay, he has no money. But he has money, he doesn’t talk, but he does.”

Likewise, the presenter reveals that she had to resort again to the Violence Against Women Court to resolve the question of the paternity of her son Alejandro. Pepe continues to deny that he is the father of the young man and the Venezuelan maintains that he is afraid, since “with him nothing is ever calm“.

As for his son, Ivonne confesses that Alejandro closed the chapter with the presenter thanks to the fact that the father figure was always covered: “He had it with the family, his uncles, my ex… I think it’s very important to have an objective point of view, it’s very important today for the boys.”

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