Osasuna returns to Mirandés to close the pre-season with victory (1-2)

health was imposed on mirandés to Anduva in a match where he had to defeat a both from Aridane for his own purpose. Two very similar goals of Darko and Robert Ibanez in the second part they played in the traced back of those of Jagoba Arrasate to carry out the second win of the day there close pre-season with five wins in eight friendlies.

Jagoba Arrasate raised the encounter with a totally different eleven in the morning. stressed the position of Jesús Areso on the right wing ahead of Rubén Peña, who started out as a team. The recent signing Me Gomez started on the left wing and, from behind, Juan Cruz came back to occupy his natural position. Torró was the only pivot with Javi Martínez and Darko in midfield.

The Mirandés, with the Navarrese Beñat Prados as starter, took possession of the ball in the first moments, but the tone quickly changed. Moi Gómez completed, in the 7th minute, a cross from Areso in the first approach of Osasuna. The Alicante man was in charge of kicking the free kick.

Midway through the first half, Nacho Castillo smashed his shot against the side of the net, giving the Red defense a scare. Two minutes later, bad luck allied itself with Osasuna.

Aridane, from the center circle, threw a powerful back pass that Sergio Herrera didn’t expect and couldn’t prevent the ball from sliding into the goal.. Quite the opposite of what happened in the morning with Pablo Ibáñez. Osasuna reacted with a shot from Javi Martínez. And before the break, the red keeper, who was heading home, saved the 2-0 with a superb save on Raúl.

catch up swapped the positions of Areso and Peña, as well as Darko and Moi, who happened to play indoors. The tie was born precisely on the left wing. The Serb stole the ball, which the former Villarreal player let slip into the area where Rubén Peña shot. Their reject Darko chased him to score at will.

The danger only reached the Mirandés region. Sergio Herrera didn’t intervene for the entire second half. Rubén Peña managed to make it 1-2 in a one-on-one match, but Herrero guessed Vaseline from Ávila. Despite everything, the goal was not long in coming. In the 75th minute, in a game similar to 1-1, the goalkeeper of the Burgos team deflected a shot from Chimy and Rober Ibáñez, who had barely been on the pitch for five minutes, scored with an almost empty goal.

the entrance of Iker Benito, also born in Miranda de Ebro as Sergio Herrera, rocked the left plot creating a hazard. Chimy was close to increasing the score after a game from the youth team, but a great stretch from Herrero prevented it. The Mirandés showed no signs of life in attack and Osasuna concluded the pre-season in an ideal way with a double victory on Friday.


mirandés A. Herrero, Santos, Álex Marín, Michelis, Salinas, Prados (Bearded, min.71), O. Rey, Meseguer, Castillo, Roberto López and Raúl García

health Herrera, Areso, Aridane, David García, Juan Cruz, Torró, Javi Martínez, Darko, Rubén Peña (Iker Benito, min.71), Moi Gómez (Rober Ibáñez, min.71) and Chimy Ávila.

Goals 1-0min.25: Aridane (pp). 1-1min.61: Darko. 1-2min.75: Rober Ibanez.

Arbitrator Jon Ander González Esteban, assisted by David Pérez Colonia and Javier Mauleón Cuenca.

Stadium Walking. Last game of pre-season.

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