“No more white balls and Pamplona will be another story”


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Julen Lopetegui, in the press room after Sevilla-Cadiz, gave a positive assessment of the pre-season and is already thinking about next Friday’s shock against Osasuna. “We are happy to have won the trophy, but the goal was to finish refining the set-up, to distribute the minutes to best outline the start of the League.”

Regarding the match itself, he summed up: “We had phases of good play, with quite a few goal situations. In the first half we lacked calm in some sections and in the second they maybe lowered the intensity a bit and we continued to have quite a few goalscoring situations. In the end, the conclusions are positive because there were no injuries and we were able to give the minutes we wanted to many footballers”, summed up the Basque.

“We burned through the steps correctly and from there the white balls are over and Pamplona will be another story, facing a very tough rival, a good team with a coach who has been in his field for many years. It will be totally different. We have to be well prepared to react in this scenario. The white balls are over and we are excited and eager, ready,” said the Sevilla coach.

He was asked about Telles’ debut and the physical condition of Suso, who won’t be in Pamplona. “Alex has just arrived. He had played quite a few minutes in the pre-season with his old team and that’s why we decided to give him the second part. It’s good, ready, with positive feelings. Suso won’t be here on Friday because he had a small injury and he needs to recover and be well, he needs to consolidate his body so that it’s stable and we can have continuity with him because he’s an important player. “

“We are going in the right direction,” confirmed Lopetegui regarding the pre-season development when asked by the market. “It closes when it closes and in the meantime we will try to work and focus on those who are. The club will continue to work like all teams. We cannot look at the market but rather at the very difficult, very hard and very pleasant game that we have in Pamplona. From there, it will be the club that will take care of the market situations,” reflected the Asteasu coach. He also confirmed that “it is normal for Rony Lopes to go back on loan” while positively evaluating the role of Rekik and Gudelj: “We are satisfied with their performance. They are always prepared, they are focused and balanced guys. They do a great job,” he said.

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