Is it possible to prevent cancer? Seven tips to reduce the risk of suffering from the disease – Live

The cancer It is one of the worst things a person can experience in their lifetime. It is a genetic disease of which, fortunately, we know better and better the processes which cause a normal cell to mutate into a cancerous cell. Among the causes is the aging, genetics and toxins in the environment.


Afortunadamente, nuestro cuerpo cuenta con diferentes encargados mechanisms de corregir les mutaciones genĂ©ticas that can produce a malign tumor, including, in this case that estos no funcionen, contamos con un sistema inmune especial para detectar y eliminar las tumorales cells in its initial stage, Those are the ‘Natural killer’ (NK).

However, the type of cancer depends on the origin of the tumor cell, where it is, the size, the affected lymph nodes and whether there has been any metastases, which is when the cancer reaches the bloodstream and spreads to other organs. Therefore, it is very important that if we suspect that we have a tumor or any type of cancer, let’s go to the doctor and follow their instructions.

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