Is Dark Souls II coming soon to Nintendo Switch?

The eternal question: ¿Dark Souls II is about to see the light of day on Nintendo Switch? Although the years go by, the rumors don’t stop and the ball gets bigger and bigger. Since the arrival of the first delivery to the hybrid, an adaptation that amazed the users of the system, they wanted get the glove to part two. However, although in October the debut of the franchise will be 4 years old, not much has been heard from Nintendo since then.

In reality, neither FromSoftware nor Bandai Namco hinted at a hypothetical launch. Even if the bet was big and even featured a themed amiibo, silence is the most active agent of this operation. And, given the market results of the series, which well over 20 millionthe lack of interest in adapting the sequel is striking.

However, if we listen to the rumors, maybe sooner rather than later we will have a surprise. Even though this possibility has been in the spotlight for a few yearshe regained his strength a little over a year ago thanks to a initiated. This, through your personal Twitter accountnoted that there are expansion projects dark souls on nintendo switch. Yes, if we look at his other predictionswe can see that most have been achieved.

For this reason, although it is risky to say (or even deny) at this point, many believe that Dark Souls II approaches the Nintendo Switch. And, for this reason, we wanted to discuss the possibilities of this arrival and, in turn, analyze the possible impact of a release that would be an instant hit.

Dark Souls II would extend the saga on Nintendo Switch

Curiously, nearly a decade has passed since fans rallied to get Dark Souls II and Wii U. Unfortunately, as has happened with so many other products related to this system, the result was another disappointment for Big N fans. However, the seed of desire has germinated and since then Nintendo fans have made no secret of their intention to have access to the series.

Since he started, dark souls became one of the most successful franchises in the industry. With almost 30 million copies sold, the From Software and Bandai Namco license has evolved and filled a gap that many were asking for: a fair and demanding challenge for players. Indeed, its last exponent, the coveted and valued Ring of Elden — although this is not part of the license as such dark souls—, are one of the most requested games by Nintendo Switch users.

These two incentives, added to many others that could be cited, show that players want more dark souls in the hybrid. Thus, in the event of a hypothetical launch, no one would be surprised if it turns out to be a real commercial success. Indeed, if it was finally the second opus which landed on the hybrid, the players of this one could live the experience a takeover business that has flourished in recent years.

A title revalued over the years

In its original version, in March 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game received as many praises as “sticks”. It was said of him that, although it was an excellent sequel full of fun and challenges, couldn’t fill the shoes of the first installment. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s (director of the first game) side step, map disconnection, and unfair challenges present in the experience meant that in the end it will be considered Dark Souls II “the ugly duckling” of the license.

However, time has given it a certain “cult game” aura that has raised its regard. As happens so many other times, there are works that, in their time and context of origin, suffer from certain comparisons that lead them to be little considered. step with The awakening of the windNot with skyward sword and, as also happens outside of the Nintendo ecosystem, step with Dark Souls II.

Although it was not well received at the time, the community around these proposals was able to reward their ideas. This, added to the importance of movements such as the without success, a playerbase looking to complete titles without taking damage, increased the popularity of the second installment. Therefore, if there is an ideal moment to launch Dark Souls II on nintendo switch, it’s this year or very soon.

Although time passes, the From Software saga does not stop its popularity. In reality, it is trading higher and, with the launch of related games, it continues to gain followers and followers. If to this, in addition, we add hybrid’s millionaire player basethe formula for success writes itself.

And you, would you like to see Dark Souls II on nintendo switch? We read you in the comments.

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