If You Detect These Symptoms In Your Cat, They May Be Sick

If you live with a dog, you’ll agree with us that it’s easy to tell if he’s sick. However, in the case of cats, it is completely different. Those cats so smart they are experts in hiding diseasesand only by direct observation and small details can you tell if they need help.

His daily behavior is always the same: sleep, eat, relieve themselves and play. If any of these basic activities fail, watch out!

Symptoms that indicate your cat is sick

When a cat is sick, there are more visible symptoms than othersThese are vomiting (except hairball vomiting, which is common in these animals), diarrhea and constipation. Before any of these warning signs, you should go to the vet immediately. However, there are other symptoms that may go more unnoticed.

  • If your cat is drinking more water than usual and urinating more frequentlycould be due to kidney problems or diabetes.
  • Also, if he barely eats, you notice him depressed and lethargic, with vomiting and diarrhea.You will need to go to the vet.
  • If your cat is panting or breathing with its mouth open (which only dogs do), makes noise while breathing, coughs or breathes at an abnormal rate, it is essential that you take it to the vet, as it could be a very serious respiratory pathology. If you don’t, the outcome could be fatal.
  • If you see that your cat constantly goes to the litter box, tries to urinate but can’t (or barely does), cries or even bleedsyou probably have a urinary tract infection such as cystitis, which needs to be treated as soon as possible.
  • If your cat’s coat is not pink or black and has scabs or scratches, if it is itchy and red, and if her coat is no longer soft and shiny, but is also sheddingyou may have a skin disease, such as scabies.
  • If your cat seems disoriented and walks with its head tilted more than usual, these could be symptoms of neurological issues., although it is possible that the ear and breathing are also involved in the pathology, causing eye discharge or mucus. In any case, take him to the emergency room!
Cat on a blanket.

A tabby cat lying on the bed.

Paul Hanaoka/Unsplash

What are the most common diseases in cats?

Conjunctivitis, otitis, rabies, cystitis, gastrointestinal problems, feline immunodeficiency, feline leukemia and peritonitis.

What disease kills cats?

Any untreated disease can lead to the death of the cat, but some are particularly deadly: feline infectious peritonitis, cancer, feline leukemia, feline rhinotracheitis, rabies and kidney disease.

What is the most dangerous cat disease?

Without a doubt, feline infectious peritonitissince it is a fatal disease that has no effective treatment to date.

Cat sitting on the couch.

A cute cat sitting quietly on the sofa.

Erik Jan Leusink/Unsplash

We know it is very scary to think that our cats can get sick at any time, for this reason the best thing you can do to keep them healthy is to closely monitor their daily behavior, pay attention to small details, to give them eat quality food depending on his age and weight, give him fresh water every day and, of course, have him vaccinated and have regular check-ups with the vet. In the event that you have a cat that comes and goes from the house as it pleases, it will be especially important that you check its health, as it may hang out with sick cats.

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