How to factory reset all data on your Xiaomi mobile

Step by step, we tell you how you can factory reset your Xiaomi mobile so that it is as it was when you turned it on for the first time.

Leave your Xiaomi mobile as new: you can restore all your data in 4 steps

My xiaomi-mobile it can hold endless photos, videos, apps, documents, app data, etc. Therefore, when you want to keep it as new, delete all these files one by one can be a tedious process. Instead of gradually deleting all the information it stores, the best thing to do is to return to factory settingsa tool available on all mobiles.

In this guide we explain step by step how you can restore all data from your Xiaomi mobile. When it turns back on, you’ll find it just like when you first turned it on, with no trace of what you previously saved. This factory reset is a useful procedure if you’re gonna throw it away, if you’re gonna give it to someone else or also if the mobile has a problemthen it can help you solve it.

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Restore data from your Xiaomi mobile with a simple process / Image: Christian Collado

How to reset all data on your Xiaomi mobile

Restoring all the data on your mobile is one of those procedures that you must learn how to do, because you do not know when you will need it. It helps you delete all data at once and best of all, at the touch of a button. When we say all data, we mean all data: contacts, apps, accounts, photos and videos, SD card data, backups…

This is something you need to consider because all stored files will be gone. Therefore, if you want to save any of them, you must transfer it to another device or make a backup before doing the factory reset. Once the files most important to you are backed up, follow these steps to restore all data to your Xiaomi:

  1. Enter the app “Settings”.
  2. Press the heading “By telephone”.
  3. Swipe down and tap “Return to factory settings”.
  4. Tap the option “Delete all data”at the bottom of the screen.

After a few minutes of waiting, the smartphone will have deleted all the data it had previously saved. Among them are also the parameters, so you will have to configure your Xiaomi mobile againchoosing data such as the language, adding the WiFi networks to which you frequently connect and configuring the PIN code, among other options.

As we said at the beginning, this procedure is very important if you are going to get rid of the mobileeither by throwing it in the trash or by giving it to someone else, because this way you ensure that no one can see the private information you have stored.

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Moreover, by rooting all the data, this process can also be one of the solutions for some terminal problems. For example, problems with the WiFi connection or closing applications. Factory resetting your Xiaomi mobile is usually the most radical option for solving problems, but also the most useful.

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