he’s so powerful he can’t find anyone to play against

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The player ended up being so powerful that the game couldn’t match him with players of his level.

If you are involved in the world of video games, you are surely aware of one of the bloodiest practices in the industry: microtransactions. Paying to win is not a tasteful dish for anyone, and today there are many games that they continue to bet on this economic model, providing benefits to users who checkout. And beware, this is a practice that, although it receives a lot of criticism, seems to be getting worse, since the automotive industry has already embraced the microtransaction model to offer premium services or traffic permits.

Coming back to video games, there are very different cases. If you use paid content to introduce cosmetic enhancements, you’re more sinless, but when it affects the competitive environment…problems arise.

Immortal Devil is a mobile game that collected lots of bad press precisely for this reason, because it “forces” its players to spend real money if they want to get the most powerful items. If you aspire to be the best in Diablo Immortal, you can directly run out of savings, that’s precisely what happened to the youtuber jtisallbusiness.

A huge investment of money to find yourself alone and without anyone to play with

This user invested more than $100,000 in the game to reach the highest level and the best equipment. He is a player who is also very talented in Diablo Immortal and who has a track record of between 300 and 450 wins with only 3 losses. His goal was to literally be the best and combine his quality with the best equipment money could buy. In the end, he managed to be the most powerful player, but there is a small problem, now he has no one to play with.

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Over $100,000 invested in a game you can’t play right now // iStock

The algorithm that governs the matchmaking of the game was unable to match jtisallbusiness with another player of his level. The youtuber had a level so above average who spent more than two days trying to find a game, without success. Having invested so much money in the game, not being able to play it is annoying to say the least, and the young man even considered take legal action against Blizzard.

“My matchmaking record is so high that I can’t access Battlegrounds mode, so now I either do nothing about it or hire a lawyer”

This case is a perfect example of the shortcomings of this business model. There are companies like Electronic Arts which, together with FIFA, generate billion just with microtransactions, but it’s in exchange for a hard-to-clean reputation. The case of Diablo Immortal is similar, but it shows that there comes a time when the game regulates itself, and if a user is going to be so powerful that they won’t have a rival, it doesn’t make sense that they there be a competitive environment.

Blizzard announced that they are aware of this user’s issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible, but things are not looking good. the youtuber It’s been over a month with complaints and claims, but it looks like the solution won’t come any time soon. The most logical option would be to ask a refund of that $100,000but in the case of such a sum of money, getting a multinational like Blizzard to return it voluntarily is very complicated.

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