HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into one streaming service

We can say goodbye to HBO Max as we know it, and that’s Discovery of Warner Bros. combine their services HBO Max there Discovery+ on a single streaming platform. With this merger, they hope to reach the 130 million subscribers by 2025, i.e. an increase 40% combined subscribers of both platforms.

netflix there Amazon Prime Video are two of the most popular platforms diffusion of series and movies currently, but not the only ones. And it is that, HBO Max is located in many countries as the third platform with the most subscribers, competing face to face with Disney+. However, as we saw with Netflix, the industry is very competitive and people have more and more streaming services to subscribe to. With this, the market is increasingly segmented and reduce the number of subscribers on the most popular platforms. Therefore, Warner Bros. Discovery will develop a plan to increase the number of subscribers through a merger.

The union of HBO Max and Discovery+ aims to increase subscribers by 40%

Increase in subscribers to HBO Max Discovery +

The merger between the two streaming platforms was announced this Thursday by David ZaslavCEO of media conglomerate. This aims to reduce the loss of subscribers, because by merging Discovery + and HBO Max into a new platform, it will have the best of both. So we can see HBO Max and Discovery+ series all in the same service and paying for one subscription, so it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

That said, according to Zaslav, Discovery+ will be at the heart of the new streaming platform due to its technological superiority, while only its content will be imported from HBO Max. With this strategy, Warner Bros. Discovery intends to achieve 130 million subscribers payment in 2025. This means an increase 40% with regard to the 92 million subscribers that it combines HBO Max and Discovery+. By comparison, its rival Disney+ claimed in May that he had 138 million subscribers. However, they are still far from netflixwho claimed last month to have 220 million subscribers.

They did not reveal its price, but its date: it will arrive in Spain in 2024

HBO Max Discovery + Fecha 2024

Warner Bros. Discovery was created in April from the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, starting with $55 billion in debt. Thus, to face the losses and achieve greater profitability, the union between HBO Max and Discovery + was necessary. So wait until the new streaming platform is commendable in United States in 2024 and generate $1 billion in revenue by 2025. However, they did not mention what their name or the price of this new service.

But fortunately, if we know Dateand it is expected to arrive in the United States in the summer of 2023 and later Latin America in fall of that same year. Europe would be next, receiving him at early 2024 and in the middle of the year, it would arrive in Asia-Pacific. The rest of the world will see the new streaming platform in the fall of 2024. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Zaslav assured that Warner will make a strategic change, which involves a cut in cinema.

And that’s it, it’s gonna stop brand new movies straight into diffusion, ensuring that it does not make economic sense. And it is that, Warner Bros. Discovery reported a net loss of $3.4 billion in the second trimester. Thus, with the new strategy, previews of films like bat girl, wonder twins there Scoob! Holiday destination.

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