Extremadura registers the first hospital admission

The Minister of Health and Social Services of Extremadura, José María Vergeles.

The Autonomous Community of Extremadura registered the first hospitalization in the region due to monkeypox. As reported by the Second Vice President and Minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, the infected person does not present “serious criteria” but had to be admitted due to his poor state of health.

In addition to this hospitalization, Extremadura has detected two other cases of monkeypox since the data provided by Health last Tuesday. The region therefore already has 22 people infected since a first case was declared in June, as the adviser explains on his Twitter profile.

In this sense, the adviser has repeatedly stated that people who show symptoms related to monkeypox go to health centers in order to control the infection, thus preventing the occurrence of new epidemics. In the same vein of not hiding the disease, Vergeles recalled whether the case was serious or not “Stigma cannot and should not silence this diseasebecause you have to take good care of it”.

365 additional cases throughout Spain

The Ministry of Health warned this Friday 4,942 confirmed cases of monkeypox, 365 more than those recorded on Tuesday (4,577), but the balance sheet remains at two, according to data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (Renave).

Of the 4,436 patients for whom information is available, 139 cases were hospitalized (2.8%) and two of the cases died. According to Health, this information was shared with the World Health Organization and the European Commission.

Among the patients declared on the SiViEs IT platform, a total of 4,863 are men and 79 are women. Regarding age, it varies between 10 months and 88 years, with a median age of 37 years; shows that the interquartile range is 31 to 44 years.

Situation in the rest of the world and in Europe

A total of 11,536 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in the rest of Europe, with Germany (2,839), The United Kingdom (2,672), France (2,239), the Netherlands (957) and Portugal (633) are the most affected countries in addition to Spain. Most are young men with a history of relationships in a sexually risky context.

Beyond the old continent, in the rest of the world, a total of 10,619 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in “non-endemic countries”, i.e. United States (7,102), Brazil (1,721), Canada (890), Peru (340) and Israel (160) are the most affected countries.

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