‘El Fandi’ opens the main gate of the Colosseum

Second and last bullfighting festival held in the Balearic Coliseum Palm with a poster that, in advance, urged optimism. The presence of Roca Rey, Manzanares and ‘El Fandi’ encouraged fans to flock to the plaza, which was nearly three-quarters full. Fernando Corchero again presided over the celebration, assisted by Claudia Jiménez (veterinarian) and Federico Carmona. The box succeeded in its decisions, while government delegate Domingo Ramos managed to ensure that no weapons were seen hanging on the tables.

David Fandila ‘El Fandi’, an old acquaintance of Palma supporters, opened a place and did not disappoint his many supporters in the stands. He managed to lift the audience from their seats with a rousing third of banderillas, which was followed by a somewhat uneven task with the crutch, but which was plagued with moments of courage, rudeness and adorned with ‘a neat variety of passes, in front of a Luis Bull of Algarra who did not present excessive problems for the fight. He killed with a sting and thrust and got an appendix.


Vibrant. ‘El Fandi’ did not disappoint his followers with his vibrant bullfighting. In the image, executing a round pass on his knees.

Jose Maria Manzanares discovered in his first “jar of essences”. The right-hander from Alicante found himself comfortable against ‘Nazareno’ and showed the great bullfighting he has inside. Along with the soft top, Manzanares executed several batches of exquisitely crafted verónicas. In the muleta task, the matador was able to connect with his enemy and achieve an excellent task, in which there was no lack of draft passes, both with the right and the natural: Manzanares in its purest form. He shipped his first bull with a big lunge, rewarded with an ear.


Class. José María Manzanares brought out his class and his courage, as evidenced by this muletazo with the right.

The appearance of rock king She was highly anticipated by the public after her successful breakthrough in the ranks. The Peruvian matador, who knew how to hurry the constant onslaught of a bull that wouldn’t fall, extended towards Veronica. He executed crutch work in which there was no shortage of slow passes and others that became eternal, all on very close pitches, which brought emotion to the lines. Half a “lizard” was enough to bend the bull. The matador was awarded an ear before reaching a ten-minute break.

another ear

In the second of his batch, ‘El Fandi’ gave a masterclass in performing the third of banderillas in front of a collaborating bull. Neat work and adorned with many coarseness very close to the peaks. He finished it off with a big lunge which was rewarded with an ear.

The fifth, second in the lot Manzanares, showed fixity in the attack, especially in the cape, with which Manzanares excelled in the bullfighting Veronica. With the crutch, the matador from Alicante showed the classicism that characterizes his fight. He managed to chain a few series of passes with the low hand. Despite the good work of Manzanares, the task lacked a point of continuity. He killed with a lunge and went crazy and received a well-deserved comeback in the ring to much applause from the audience.


Largo. Roca Rey caused a stir and proved his class, as seen in the picture, reaching out in a natural pass.

In which closed the place, the Peruvian matador Roca Rey, escaped the triumph to him to the supreme luck. He ceded the second of his lot to his coach, Roberto Domínguez, who took the alternative to Palma. The bull gave excellent play in the fight. The matador offered the public a good job with the crutch, managing to chain several series of crutches with the right. He couldn’t complete the task successfully missing with the steel, letting slip a victory that was close at hand.


Second bullfight at the Balearic Coliseum. Luis Algarra’s prayers were resisted.
David Fandila “El Fandi”: Puncture and stab, ear; and cleft, ear.
Jose Maria Manzanares: cleft, ear, and cleft and staking, ovation.
King’s Rock: Half ‘lizard’, ear; half and two pilings, applause.

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