Death with coronavirus | Covid deaths in July and August quadruple those suffered last summer in the Community

Specialist staff fitted with personal protective equipment as a precautionary measure for Covid transfer a coffin. / XEMA RODRIGUEZ

Community adds 44 more deaths, including a 29-year-old girl, and death toll reaches 308 in just over a month

Daniel Guindo

Influenza infection
covid decreed in mid-March, despite the opposition of a large part of health professionals, a very high price is requested. Between July and the first days of August, the Community has already accumulated 308 deaths from the coronavirus, a figure that shatters the records of previous summers. In the same period (between July 1 and August 5) of 2020, the region barely added six deaths, while last year 73 were recorded. Therefore, the current figures quadruple the records of the summer of 2021 and are increasing to worrying levels the mortality that this latest attack of the virus leaves behind.

  • 308

    coronavirus deaths were recorded in July and August, compared to 6 in the same period of 2020 and 73 in 2021.

  • 9.846

    deaths from the virus have been piling up in the Community since the start of the pandemic.

Community adds 44 Covid deaths and 2,495 new positive cases

The starting point of these three summers is different, which is a key factor in the existence of such disparate files. In 2020, the Community and the rest of Spain entered the summer after a long
confinement with which infections had practically been reduced and with a de-escalation that allowed, gradually, to relax the restrictions, although some limitations were maintained in enclosed spaces and precautionary measures such as the use of the mask. The majority of the population has largely heeded the advice of experts and Administrations such as reducing social contact and protecting the elderly and vulnerable.

A year later, the Community had just suffered the horrific and deadly third wave, so between March and June the level of infections remained contained. In addition, the elderly and vulnerable population already had the vaccines and the mask was still mandatory, so the peak of infected people in the summer slightly increased the death toll, even if they did not even come close to the current data. . In this summer period, there are practically no restrictions, infected people have been since the end of March without isolation or
quarantines and, with the current limitation in performing diagnostic tests, there is a large hidden bag of cases; to which must be added the loss of efficacy of the vaccines and the unsuccessful administration of the booster dose, a cocktail which leads to an increase in deaths.

The rebound in mortality comes after the end of the isolation of positives and restrictions

In reality,
The Ministry of Health notified this Friday 44 additional deaths due to the coronavirus, all with date of death in the last 7 days except three, July 11, 13 and 19. They are 22 women, between 29 and 103 years old, and 22 men, between 58 and 93 years old. The 29-year-old deceased suffered from other serious illnesses.

Health confirms 63 new cases of monkeypox in the Valencian Community

The update of the data, however, continues to reflect the decrease in the number of officially recorded infections and the decrease in hospital pressure. Specifically, Health has notified
2,495 new positives (a thousand less than last Friday), including 1,264 among those over 60 (about 500 less), which means that the cumulative incidence continues to fall, both at 7 and 14 days, with rates of 172 and 439 cases per 100,000 population respectively.

The hospitals of the Community have for their part 871 admitted, that is to say 122 less than Tuesday. Among them, 52 are in intensive care units (ICU), two less than on Tuesday.

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