Dani Martín, victim of a purse theft in which he kept an object of great sentimental value

Dani Martín’s musical career is going from strength to strength. The singer, who once led the mythical group The Fool’s Song, is all the rage in every room where it occurs, hanging the “sold out” sign at every appointment. However, the happiness for the good path of his musical career came to a halt this weekend. The performer of songs like Insupportable oh Zero, told through his social networks this Saturday that he was the victim of a robbery, during which his wallet was ripped off. Dani assures that he wants it back, not so much for the economic value, but for the sentimental value, because inside he has a photograph that is close to his heart.

It’s a reality. Often when you lose something, you feel the sentimental value of the item more than the value it actually has. This is how the singer told it via his Instagram account, where he has more than 1 million followers. “Hello everyone, friends. The day before yesterday my wallet was stolen, together with my DNI, my driver’s license, my credit cards, my social security card, which are really worthless, since they could not carry out any type of payment”, explains the artist. , visibly affected.

Dani Martín, devastated after losing the photo of his sister that was in his wallet

Dani Martín, devastated after losing the photo of his sister that was in his wallet

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For Dani, all this type of documentation is not of the utmost importance, since he can recover it again, but he felt deeply hurt by the lack of another of the objects that were inside. inside of the bag. “What hurts me the most is that I had a picture of my sister inside, precious. If anyone has the idea to return it, because in reality they don’t want at all, and I do, because he has a lot of value for me… I would ask you to think about it, the cards have been cancelled”, continued the 45-year-old interpreter.

And it is that the photograph of his sister takes on a very sentimental value in Dani’s life. In 2009, at only 32 years old, the singer had to face the loss of Miriam, his sister, who died suddenly of a stroke. This is why photography is very important. “If you want to keep your DNI, because you’re excited, let him. But come on, it seems disgusting to me,” concluded the singer, born in San Sebastián de los Reyes, and who considers whoever stole the wallet has no benefit from it.

The singer’s remarks quickly became viral on platforms like Twitter, where Internet users deplore that the interpreter of These are dreams there paper plane had to go through this situation. “I’m literally crying with the latest stories of Dani Martín on Instagram. What a shitty person,” said a user of the famous social network. Many others say they don’t understand why people have to steal other people’s belongings.

This incident comes a few days after the resounding success of the singer in the sale of tickets for his concert in Castrelos. Demand was so high that at the online box office, the queue exceeded 7,000 people. As some tried to grab seats electronically, hundreds of people filled the Praza do Rei in long queues that reached Rúa Cachamuiña, one of the streets that gives access to the city hall of Vigo. A resounding success that shows that Dani Martín is one of the most beloved artists in Spain, both for his musical talent and for his human qualities.

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